Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday's Moments - 17/10

Howdie doodie sweet patooties! Monday isseh? Pishah I say...

1. Weekend Blitz

As I’ve said before, it’s not easy staying on top of the household bits & pieces when you’re working full time. We like to do little & often and, for the most part, it works. Every now & then though a figarey is taken and the place is blitzed.

That happened this weekend and there’s no better feeling than waking up of a Monday to a spotless house. A place for everything and everything in its place. Where’s my work tag? Why it’s in my bag, with my phone and my purse, right beside my car keys, at the front door. Bliss.

2. There ya are!

The job I do has a lot of cross over and can (does) involve pressure (in spades). Usually when there’s a ferverent call at 4.58pm, its not good news. When that call is looking for something that hasn’t been seen in roughly 10 years its worse news.

We have basement storage in the office that can, at times, resemble the Wreck of the Hesperus. Not conducive to last minute requests for anything. Thursday though, the Gods of the hoarding masses were with me as the first document to hand was exactly what I was looking for. You beauty.


I have a tendency to see 2am on the clock before I roll into the leaba. Yes, on school nights, yes I know it’s crazy. This means though, that once 7am rocks up on the same clock I’m searching desperately for a snooze or three.

My alarm of choice is a radio, as waking up to sirens akin to fire trucks make me feel stabby, that’s no good for anyone. This morning that radio turned on playing one of my favourite tunes of the past year and for the first time in yonks I was up & at ‘em with no snoozes and looking forward to the day. Great feeling.

4. How Thoughtful

On Thursday I got a lovely surprise when returning to my desk from site. A book I had mentioned at tea break a couple of weeks ago with a yellow sticky.

One of the chaps had obviously overheard (not in a stalkerish way) me talking about an author (Guillermo del Toro) and decided to pay it forward with his copy of the latest book. Made my day.

5. Green is for G'Home!

Coming back from the cinema with the youngest Gorgebag on Wednesday the roads were surprisingly empty. Because I'm in traffic all day that was welcome relief enough to make it to my top five, but no. 

Not only that, we managed to cruise through all but one set of lights from City Centre to Clonsilla (safely, of course). Amazing the difference it can make to your journey time. And your mood.

In a nutshell, Monday can suck it, no blues here. How's about you?


cornflakegirl said...

What a lovely thing for your man to do with the book, it's the little things that make life great.

S said...

OMG almost died laughing at #2, got an eye infection once while looking for an ancient planning application at work!!! (not funny at the time, looked like something out of the Goonies) - HOW nice was non-stalker man! Brilliant!!

Unknown said...

This has made me laugh this morning as I attempt to declutter my spare room! Send help if noone hears from me today!