Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MAC Primed & Ready!

I've been waxing lyrical about my need for an eyeshadow primer for quite a while now. There's much love for ELF and it's pricier Urban Decay counterpart but finding myself in possession of a BT voucher, it had to be MAC. Painterly Paint Pot, get in mah bag!

I've heard some good reviews about these little fellas and for €21 a pop I'd like to think so too.

It's a creamy, malleable, ehm, cream..

Here we have (much loved) MAC Earthly Riches without & with the Paint Pot
You can see from the shot that Painterly instantly gives you much better colour payoff. You can detect shades there that are impossible to see without the primer. Good, eh?

No, not a stonking bruise

Not only did I leave both swatches in place for an hour, while making the din dins. This pic is also taken after several rubs with a tissue. It ain't moving!

Would I recommend? Without a shadow of a doubt, yes indeedy. It's a little pricey but the pot is deceptively deep, I've been using this for roughly 3 weeks now and as you can see from the swatch shot, it's barely touched.

Anything that can take me from a 7am site visit, through a day's slog and to my Mother's for late tea at 9pm to be asked 'Are you going out?' gets a huge thumbs up from me. No retouching, no creasing, no faffing about. Love.

Do you use a primer? What are you loving?


Kat ( said...

"Without a shadow of a doubt" lol!

I've picked this up and put it down so many times in MAC; next time I'm so buying it! Thanks missus! x

E. said...

Painterly isn't a great colour for me - it's a little too dark - but paintpots are one million times better than any actual primers I've tried. Paint is also good, Bare Canvas is a better nude base for me.

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks Girls!

E. delighted to hear I made the right choice then, I didn't even look at the other colours, could have bought every one :)

FitznBitz said...


TheGlutton said...

I've always been a little confused about these paint pots - can you use Painterly under any shade shadow? I know there are different shades of Paint Pots so I wondered if you were supposed to buy a different one depending on shadow choice? I tend to wear browns/nudes/plums etc but would it be ok on say grey or blue?

Now that HoF stock MAC and I can buy online I'm thinking of getting one of these.

E. said...

TheGlutton it's slightly pink in tone for me so might not be cool enough for greys or blues. I've used it tho! I used to use it under everything!

Unknown said...

Fab post Sue - I see this in my very near future! xo