Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Look: China Glaze Colour Match App for iPhones, iPods & iPads

We all know I'm a little bit nuts about nails and occasionally, just occasionally one brand will bring something to the table that blows my socks off. That's just what happened last night when I discovered the brand new China Glaze App. Now apps that let you, with the aid of CGI 'try on' polish colours are nothing new but this offering is something a whole lot slicker altogether. 

Using cutting edge technology, China Glaze have developed what I think will be the biggest interest point for nail nuts and nail polish occasional fanciers alike, the 'Match a Colour' Feature.  

This feature allows you to take a picture with your phone and will instantly give you 8 choices of polish that best match that colour. Think of all the time saved when trying to find a polish to match an outfit for a special occasion. Think of the relief of no longer having to think of the name of a colour so you can google its closest corresponding shade. 

I've just given you a little demo here from my phone to show you how it works. Neat, huh? 

The China Glaze App is free on all Apple devices from the iTunes store, you can try its basic functions here, but it is hoped that it'll be rolled out to Android within the next two months. 

What do we think? Am I getting excited over nowt? I can't hear you over the sound of my camera, nails the exact colour of Mr Whippy's pastel van here I come! 


Lorraine said...

Little demo including heart balloons. Mmmmhm! Honestly though, this is amazing. Hats off to 'em!

Anonymous said...

When I seen this post yesterday morning I gasped!!! So dissapointed it's not available on Android yet. Himself has an Iphone though....hmmmm!?! Will be robbing his phone later :))

The Red Dutchess said...

This is super cool. Love that colour too. I love your blog, just came across it. I'm from Ireland too and your new follower. xx