Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lush for Mammy's Day: MUM Bubble Bar Wands

I mentioned the lovely Women's Day Soap from L'OCCITANE yesterday as a perfect Mammy's Day 'Pocket Money Pressie' but couldn't let the week pass without mentioning another. Lush are famed for their Bubble Bar Wands but I had yet to try one until sent a couple by the brand last week. Check out the very pretty 'MUM Bubble Bar Wand' (short for chrysanthemum)

Normally when I give you a Lush post I'll give you a low down on everything in that release but the 'MUM' bubble bar wand is such a stand out it had to get its own post. One we get over how cute the blahhdy thing is we have to talk about the scent. It's incredible. With the uplifting scent of orange, lime and juniper berries, I'm not kidding when I say this smells like a freshly mown lawn in the summer sun. The scent fills the room, even when dry but not clawingly so. The kind that makes you want to inhale deeply every time you're anywhere near it. 

This being my first Bubble Bar wand I was a little dubious about the actual bubble count I'd muster but can happily report that after just 4 'figure of eights' in the bath, THIS is what I got. As gorgeous as the scent is dry, it's phenomenal wet and the bubbles lasted for the entire soak too. 

Lush say that these bars will last up to 6 baths - I'm not sure I'll get three out of it but will certainly give it a shot. The brand's advice is also to lay your bubble bar to the side to dry to be used next time but how lovely would a couple of these be in a vase on the side? I know that's what I'll be doing with the next three I pick up. 

Of course there's a bajillion other gift ideas and sets from Lush for Mammy's Day shoppers but retailing at just €6.95 and smelling as good as they do wouldn't these make a beautiful alternative bouquet for D'Ma this Sunday? 


Samantha Williams said...

Hey Sue,
Next time you use it try holding it under the running water for say 10-15seconds. That's how we demo them in the shop and personally I find they work best and last longest that way. Also the scent in Mum is the same scent as in the Green Bubbleroon, which is a year round and is a leetle cheaper (although it doesn't last as long)
Also, love the blog x still on my daily check/read list :)

Sue Jordan said...

Oh excellent, Samantha, thanks a mill for that. Really appreciate you taking the time to comment :)