Friday, March 15, 2013

NOTD: Oz the Great & Powerful: Evanora Inspired How To

I did mention that a new camera has joined the familia here at Casa Cherry didn't I? One of the things that makes me happiest about this news is that I get to back into the swing of things with both make up reviews AND nail art! Admittedly I'm a leedle bit rusty by Evanora from Oz the Great and Powerful up there has done me a solid and sported one of the simplest nail art looks to be seen in the movies in donkeys. Wanna see how simple? 

  1. For this look you're going to need a nude polish and a black and glitter striper. Of course you could use normal polish and a skinny brush but considering you can get 3 stripers for €7, I'm thinking make it easy on yo'self. 
  2. Paint each nail with two coats of your nude (mine is the new Naked Ambition from the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure range)(It's a nude with silver microglitter stunner)
  3. Using your black striper, start at the nail bed and draw two lines that meet at the tip, then colour in with the remainder of polish on the brush. You can use tape for this if you prefer but just placing the length of the brush on the nail will give you a almost straight line. 
  4. Using your glitter striper run two lines inside your new black triangle, allow them to meet at the tip. 
  5. Repeat for every pingy and finish with a high shine top coat i.e Seche Vite.
  6. Admire your ridiculously simple manicure. 

As you can see from this fuzzy close up, lines don't have to be perfectly symmetrical to achieve the desired look. Not only that the pointed tip gives the illusion of much longer nails so this is a great look for short tipped ladies too. 

What do we think? Will you try 'em? And of course, if this look still isn't easy enough for you, you could always give Evanora's Sister's Theodora's talons a blast? 

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