Monday, March 04, 2013

Monday's Moments: 04/03/13

How do, Monday, how do, March! Spring has officially sprung and doesn't it feel good? We had some seriously beautiful weather over the weekend in Dublin and actually managed to get out and enjoy it. Come the 31st the clocks will ping forward again too so we'll have brighter mornings and evenings - without even racking up these 5 Moments of win, that's enough to cheer us all up, isn't it? 

1. 4 Pics 1 Obsesh 

If you haven't been living under a social media proof rock for the past fortnight then you'll know what this pic above means. Since being sucked into Candy Crush and literally losing hours to it, I swore I wouldn't download Four Pics One Word. I lied. 

After 3 hectic days (filled with shoving my phone in the lads' faces and frantically shrugging) I finally completed level 319. Thrilled with life. I'm trying my utmost to ignore the red reminder on my phone to update the app and proceed to the next level though. It's tough but I'm managing. Are you?

2. From Me, To Me, I'm Welcome

Since switching jobs last week I' ve been looking at different ways to cut back and make the sheckles count. While looking at my different bills I happened to notice something a little bit brilliant. I've been overpaying one of them for 3 years!

I managed to get a final statement and, while it's not millions, it's a lovely little lump sum that's going to ease the sting of exam fees and dying tumble dryers nicely. Don't you just love when you've been a great customer? Even unwittingly? 

3. I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'M SORRY!

I feel so bad about this Moment that I almost wasn't going to share but it made me laugh harder than anything else this week so I just can't keep it to myself. Diesel there is the biggest softie of all during the day. He's either bouncing on the tampoline or sleeping his head off and that's it. 

On Thursday I was messing with Himself and, having dealt a stinging slap I hightailed it up the stairs to the bathroom to lock the door, as you do. After about 5 minutes I was sure he was waiting outside so filled a container with water, opened the door, waited a minute and threw it around the corner, genius move. No reaction? 

I crept out to have a look and sitting there was this gonk just looking at me, wide eyed with water dripping down his face. No wimper, no movement just sitting there, dripping, making me feel terrible (for laughing my head off). Don't worry, he got ALL the hugs to apologise.

4. Take ALL the Leave 

As well as getting my bills and bidness in order following the work swap I also had to look at my work calendar. Because of the nature of Road Safety work (all hours of the day) I'd been working on Time in Lieu for my leave for the past several years. 

Having totted up the past 12 months I made another fantastic discovery, 35 days leave, Bishes! Of course I've had to grab 10 of those with both hands and am currently on a fortnights doss but it's just a nice little cushion to get me through the next 12 months. Good times. 

5. A Moment About LoLs

A couple of months back I decided to try a post with a little difference. I'm all about the laughs and genuinely believe there's not a day can't be brightened by a chuckle or two. 'Things to Make You Go LOL. Literally' is just that, five things that will make you laugh out loud. 

I'm consistently humbled and very grateful that even one person reads my ramblings but comments like this from the very lovely Chloe genuinely make my day. The thoughts that someone could get a little light relief from my madness is one that honestly thrills me. I've added a button over there --> for easy LOL access and even reading back through them myself, I'm laughing again. Thanks Chloe for taking the time to let me know you've enjoyed 'em x 

Tell me, what's the happy haps in your corner of the world this Monday? I gots to know!


Anonymous said...

I betcha it was a phone company overcharging you, they always do that! Nice though now you have a few bob and some holidays whooo! OMG the poor ickle dog....I still laughed though hehe, I'm sure he forgives you :D x

Chloe said...

You're more than welcome Sue, thanks for giving me a mention! x