Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday's Moments: 25/03/13

How do Monday, you don't have much power over us this week, wedged between two Bank holliers but I've five Moments to take the wind from your depressing sails anyway. Wanna see 'em? 

1. Aw, Fwends..

For my birthday last weekend we headed down to Offaly to one of my oldest pals for a little R&R (and several sociable shots). I was a little nervous as this was to be the first time she'd meet Himself. Of course there's no judge of character like a long time bestie so I was hoping we'd all get along. 

Needless to say, we'd an absolute ball. Everyone hit it off immediately, which inevitably led me to doing The Inbetweeners impressions for the two days. Good times, good Fwends. 

2. Employee of the Year Because of a Pal of the Year

I got this ridiculously delicious belated birthday surprise when I returned to work last week. Helen, who could give Nigella a run for her money, baked this Guinness and Chocolate beaut and I'm only sorry there's not smellovision so you could have a sniff. 

Under strict orders to bring it home and share it with the Gorgebags, that afternoon, sitting at my new work desk, I decided to do the daycent thing and share. Though unaware of it at first, I now know that I work with buzzards, appreciative buzzards no less. We scoffed this baby with a gallon of coffee and guess what? Now we're fwends! 

3. Please and Thank You, Pixmania

I showed you my lovely new DSLR in the last Monday's Moments, I had ordered it from Pixmania as recommended by several knowledgeable sources. I encountered some difficulty with my order though as 4 days after order they asked for 'Validation' for my card (though the money was gone and the camera should have been with me.) 

When I queried it I was ignored for the following five days. Until I tweeted them. I received a DM asking for my Order No and a short explanation of my difficulties. Within an hour I received a mail from Customer Services apologizing profusely and refunding my delivery costs immediately. Hello new camera bag. You gots to tweet the companies in question, people. It certainly paid off here. 

4. K Thx

I know we're all off for a long weekend this Friday but I've managed to wangle an extra couple of days (I think it was the cake), which means I've a two day week this week. 

Technically today is my Thursday and I'm not back till next Tuesday! I plan on catching up on elusive zeds and slapping the shizz out of this keyboard for some pretty cool blog posts (If I do say so myself). YAY for time in lieu!

5. Most Exciting Words in the English Language

 There are many exciting words in the English language, 'It's a boy!', 'It's another boy!', 'You've got the job!', 'Deluxe samples' on and on it goes. Well this week I read something that gave my heart a flutter as much as any or all of the above. 

'We want to fly you over', scrubbing my eyes I had to read it again and again. I've been given fabulous opportunities because of this here little corner of the internet but this one is going to  trump the lot. I'm going to be really cruel and leave the details until I have more of them (mainly because I'm terrified I'll get a 'Ah, soz, we didn't mean you' mail) but suffice to say, I'm getting my passport in order and thanking my lucky stars daily to doing something I adore and now being given a golden opportunity because of it. Watch this spaaaaace.....

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday Blues this week?


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

1. So jellas of caca milis.
2. So jellas of uber short week.
3. So excited your camera issues are finally sorted.
4. Not jellas of your impending trip! ;P

Makeup Over Mind said...

Awww, all sounds so fabulous! Hurray for you! :)