Friday, March 08, 2013

Watch: Celebrating Working Women on International Women's Day

Women rock, amirite? Kronos (an American recruitment firm) know this too and in celebration of International Women's Day have put together this Youtube delight to highlight several interesting facts and statistics about the changes and developments that have impacted women in the workforce.

Did you know women have been responsible for these inventions throughout time? I had heard of a couple but was still surprised. Sisters really are doing it for themselves and it feels pretty blahhdy good to see the great strides that have been made in such a short space of time. 

On a much more current (and very sociable) related note, Louise McSharry, Co-founder of, 2FM presenter and all round lovely lady has organised WOMEN OF THE INTERNET drinks in Dakota tonight at 8 to celebrate the day, Dublin style. ALL are welcome to drop in, whether with mates or even on your tobler as there'll be plenty of chats to be had and new pals to be made. Sounds like a plan, right? 

I'm only hoping I can hotfoot it back from Dundrum in time to be there. 

Happy International Women's Day, everyone, whether you're celebrating or just taking a minute to acknowledge just how far we've come.

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