Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ooh La Lash: 3 of the Newest Mascaras to Pump Up the Volume ft. Dr Hauschka Volume Mascara Black, Maybelline Rocket Volume & Max Factor Clump Defy

I'm an absolute fiend when it comes to volumising mascaras, mainly because I'm too cack handed to apply actual false lashes so mascara formulations that save me the time and effort get a big fat win from me. This past month has seen the release of three absolute gems when it comes to pumping up the volume Max Factor Clump Defy, Dr. Hauschka's Volume Black and Maybelline's the Rocket Volum'. Wanna see? 

According to Karim Sattar, Dr Hauschka's International Make Up Artist, 80% of the success of your mascara lies in the brush with the final 20 in formualtion and application. We can see above that each of these brands have redesigned their brushes with that in mind. More is more when it comes to bristles in the search for the perfect volumising brush. 

How do they fare on the súil though, eh? Well hold on to your jocks because someone just happens to have gotten a new camera that's not a potato and I gots Before and After shots!

Maybelline: the Rocket Volum'

Maybelline the Rocket Volum': €11.99
Maybelline's the Rocket glides on easily with minimal clumps, there's definite improvement in volume with just two coats but this mascara can be layered through the day should you be looking for a little more oopmh. There's no fall out or flaking but be warned, you're going to need a oil based cleanser to remove this formulation come night time (or morning time)(me no judgey). 

Max Factor Clump Defy

Max Factor Clump Defy: €13.99
Max Factor's Clump Defy does pretty much what it says on the tube. Application is simple with little or no clumps despite this being two coats. Lashes are separated evenly and curled nicely for added volume. Again you can layer this bad boy as is your wont. Just to note, the colour I've shown here is black/brown and is hugely flattering to green/blue eyes. 

Dr Hauschka's Volume Black Mascara

Dr Haushcka's Dear Eyes Volume Black Mascara: €24.25
I mentioned Dr Haushcka's Dear Eyes Volume mascara this morning as it's part of their newest limited edition collection but I couldn't not mention it here as I reckon it's well worth you nabbing a tube while it's available. This rose scented volume booster is a boon for those with sensitive eyes or short lashes. Refusing to clump or smudge, lashes are separated, lifted and held in place for the duration of the day (and night too if need be). Once more layering is not a problem with Dr Haushcka Dear Eyes mascara so pop the tube in your mála for day to evening touch ups. 

Tell me, what do you use to pump up the volume when it comes to your lashes or are you one of the steely handed wonders that can apply falsies no problem? 


Unknown said...

Ah delighted the make up reviews are back.

Roses and Rockets said...

They all look great but I think Dr Haushcka is the most natural looking, you have gorgeous eyes!