Thursday, April 25, 2013

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

So it would seem last week's pilot post went down a treat, I'm thrilled but unfortunately my jimmies continue to be rustled on the regular so here we are with round two:

1. Letting someone out in a ten minute traffic jam and they don't thank you. 

 photo KWGoP_zps2c67b71e.gif

2. 'Dear Blogger, we're so excited to exclusively reveal to you our top secret product' .....THAT YOU SAW ON ANOTHER BLOG WEEKS AGO!

 photo wKTl4dP_zps42204586.gif

3. Paying top dollar for a beauty treatment when you could've done a better job yourself. 

rage gif photo: #rage rage.gif

4. Blog 'reviews' on skincare products TWO DAYS after the product is sent/bought. 

 photo britney-confused_zps9eff516a.gif

5. People standing so close to you in queues that you've to tell them to dismount!

 photo tumblr_mjgicq6RlE1rh4mwfo1_400_zps8d744f96.gif

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week then? Sharing is caring and also decreases feelings of stabbiness. True story. 


Unknown said...

People standing up your arse while at a bank machine,,, grrrr..
this brightened up my morning :) ..

laura said...

Standing in a long que while people pay for items worth one euro or less with a credit card when you're rushing. people walking up your arse on a stairs. people who stop suddenly at the top of an escalator,or in their cars at the top of a ramp. agghh! ...Really enjoyed this post,made me chuckle:)

Unknown said...

Very funny!

S said...

OH OH OH. Number 4 gets on my absolute WICK. "I was sent this yesterday and it's, like, omg, my HG thing" - eff right OFF. Also, brands that have twitter but decide to ignore legitimate questions from people who may actually want to buy their thing in favour of RT'ing arse-licking compliments. All.The.Time. People using dishes when you're only after doing them. Could you not, like, eat with your fingers or something please?

Anonymous said...

Love. This. Post. This week She Said Beauty are mostly rustling my jimmies. They've ignored the issue about them claiming ownership of people's blog content which I raised with them (they don't use canonical urls and the og:url metatag points to them and not the original blog). Essentially this tells search engines that She Said Beauty are the owners of the content. Bad SEO for small bloggers. SSB are either really stupid and don't know any better, or they know exactly what they're doing. I fear the latter is true. AARGH

Happy Bubble Gal said...

Last minute indicators drive me nuts.. "Oh your turning, thanks for givin me NO notice" grrrrr

Or people in the queue in Aldi/Lidle that stand and watch the till operator scanning the bits... your meant to be packing it dumbass!! and then look equally surprised that they have to PAY for the goods and spend more time searching for their purses!! Drives me Maaaaaaad

PS.. Really enjoy these posts, we can all relate :)

Unknown said...

An uneven wax job ! A plane is never gonna land safely if that landing stip is all over the shop!! grrr

They graphics/videos u put with your coments made me lol literally this morning!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

hahaaaaa great post!! Things wot have rustled my jimmies this week? Number one is watching a group of bloggers bitching on Twitter about another blogger, saying that they hate negativity in the blogging world... emmm pot kettle black?

Also, standing in the queue at work waiting to pay for my lunch. Of course there's a big ass queue and despite the "no public at this time" signs, this bridie proceeded to delay everyone while she tried to count out her total in change, then changed her mind, RIPPPPPPPPP!

Anonymous said...

haha :) Love this post and it's comments :) I can't people who walk half way up the escalator and then stop (in London - WALK on the LEFT people, STAND on the RIGHT!). Also hate people who stand right behind you when you're waiting in line at the supermarket/atm. Hate people who jump on the train when there's clearly no room and then proceed to shove everyone else out of the way so that they can take out their paper and shove it in everyone elses face.. aaand breathe.. lol.

Anonymous said...

These are the gifs especially the last one...hate when people invade your space!!!

Icaria said...

I so agree with you about no 4. This usually makes me not visit again. What got to me this week, yesterday a man delivered something to my door. His cell rang and he ended up entering my house to answer and was walking around my living room as he was having his conversation!!! Talk about invading my space! Grrr!

Anonymous said...

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