Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

You would think with me barely moving outside the door these days that my Jimmies would remain relatively unrustled, right? You'd be WRONG - let's get this irate show on the road!

1. People on the Bus 
Reading My Texts Over My Shoulder

 photo Ak8SynI_zps9f81abc8.gif

2. Sky Talking Over the End of Programmes! 

 photo tumblr_me3u9fK5wZ1ri41obo1_500_zpsd67c4a6c.gif

3. Air Quotes

 photo Wtf2_zps035d504f.gif

4. People that Don't Cover Their Mouths to Cough

 photo tumblr_mkn61jBdDR1s2kzvmo1_250_zps7f7706d0.gif

5. Cashiers that Put My Change on the Counter 
When I'm Already Holding my Hand Out!

 photo tumblr_mee50tNyIg1ryatpyo1_500_zpsbdd75e49.gif

Yep, that about sums it up this week, I can once more breathe easy and escape the eye twitch for another day or so at least. 

Tell us, what's been rustling your Jimmies this week.. Hmmm? 


Unknown said...

hahaha those darn cashiers!!
Mine this week is people who do not have a clue how to use a roundabout and nearly cause a bleeding crash!!

Anonymous said...

The cashiers in my local supermarket hand you your change but put the receipt on the counter or visa versa. They can never seem to put both into your hand!!

Wendy McKenna said...

Lols love them as ususal! Gifs are spot on you should totally be the Queen of gifs ;) Mine this week is people not saying thank you when you let them out in traffic......they usually get a beep from me!

Anonymous said...

That last one! RAAAAAAAAGE! I walked into a shop twenty minutes before closing time after I'd misread the opening hours (my fault) and the manager gave me a filthy look. I said 'Oh, sorry, are you closed?' and she said 'No, but we will be' and then walked away. Errr, wha? Honestly, I don't think twenty minutes is cutting it fine. It was a jewellers too, and I knew what I wanted, so would have been out in two seconds.

I nodded, left, and spent my money in Debenhams. Sister and myself went halves on my mam's birthday present, so it wasn't pocket change.

Felt like I'd pissed on her prize pig.

Roses and Rockets said...

The last one, always the last one.

LoNiCho said...

Bwaaahhaaahaha the dog in no1 is after scaring the life out of me. Burst out laughing in work.

Oh and 1 4 & 5 all happened me this week.