Thursday, April 03, 2014

*Spoiler Alert* The Thursday Chattery - In Which We Discuss the How I Met Your Mother Finale!!

Morning All, I'd like to dedicate The Chattery to something a little different this morning. TV shows that we can't discuss openly. HIMYM in particular. 

Too often, because our TV service is woejus, the best, most loved series' finales are spoiled as the States see the episodes months before us. 

It's hard when you're Twitter timeline balks at the idea of a Spoiler and that's fair when they've no access to see the show (as for the likes of Love/Hate etc, if you don't watch it on time, you've no business on social media, whinging about spoilers). 

On Monday night the final in a 9 series long, much loved series, How I Met Your Mother ended. The very premise was intriguing, Ted (gobshite, needly, needy Ted) spent 9 whole episodes telling his children how he met their mother (a weird Lily/Robin hybrid lady imho). 

At it's peak, the show was one of the funniest on TV as the younger, cooler 'Friends' shared their life stories on the build up to the big reveal. As can often happen, when that big reveal happened people weren't happy. People were mad. Big, big mad. 

If you're a fan of the show I'd love to hear your thoughts on the finale below, if you haven't yet seen it, this video AND the comments come with a HUGE SPOILER ALERT. Ye've been warned. 

I came across this video last night of an alternate ending and I'd love to know what you think - would you have preferred this one? 

Let's Chat!


Breedao said...

Morning it's saying the video is no longer available - this is one of these shows - along with the Big Bang - that I've probably never seen an entire series of but because they seem to be constantly on feel that I have - I did read during the week that the two actors who play the children actually did all their filming 9 years ago during the first series which make sense I suppose as they are into their 20's now

Unknown said...

I live in Israel with satellite I got to watched it on the 1st of April...
I didn't love or hate the final...I was just sad to see it end

Unknown said...

I honestly think I could write an essay on my feelings about the finale: Robin and Barbey were perfect together and they were so lovely to each other coming up to the wedding it ruins it all that they didn't stay together. The mom dying is just downright depressing, after searching for his perfect woman to spend his life with red only got to spend a few years with her. Also him getting with Robin makes me sad for the mom because did he kind of like Robin the whole time he was with the mom?! Also if Robin and Ted end up together they would have had a scene with Lily and Marshall because it meant that Marshall won the bet they had about Ted and Robin. Also I get that Barney is happy with his daughter but does he kind of leave the group of Ted and Robin get together? Also Ted is the most annoying character of all time and I hate him. Sarah out *drops mic*