Saturday, October 01, 2011

Crazy, Stupid Love - Review

Who's in it? 

What's it about?  

Crazy, Stupid Love sees Cal (Carell) a 40 something guy who's done everything 'right'. Meeting the love of his life at 15 and settling down. After 25 years of marriage he's shocked to the core at her admission to adultery & request for divorce. Cal is thrust head first back into single life, sipping girly drinks through a girly straw in a swanky bar. Jacob (Rideface), as the coolest wingman ever, decides to take pity on him, to help him regain his mojo.

Any Good? 

This film is witty, engaging and refreshingly down to earth. Coming from the makers of Bad Santa and in a year of gross out, foul mouth comedy it achieves laugh out loud, snorty hilarity without resorting to filth or bad language. Original, eh?

I'm a big fan of Steve Carell, he plays the hapless moper effortlessly but with an endearing charm that makes you root for him every single time. Even as his conquests start to mount up you still feel for him and his broken heart.

Ryan Rideface as Jacob is suave, handsome and cool, his on screen presence much like a young Clooney or what a young Clooney aspired to be. Cal reminds him of someone close and during a hilarious makeover montage we see him work his magic on not only Cal but every female that crosses his radar. Until Hannah, 'She's a game changer'. There is a cheesy nod to Dirty Dancing that had every female in the audience swooning, I swooned enough for the males & I don't even like feckin' Dirty Dancing!


The entire film is well paced and charming enough to have you genuinely feel for every character and their miss placed, sometimes cringe inducing, always hilarious affections. The creators manage to throw in one or two surprises that lead to the most farcical and possibly funniest 10 minutes of movie time I've seen. The entire cinema LoL'd continuously. (I snorted, uncontrollably, it wasn't attractive).  

This is right up there with Drive for me for surprisingly good movies this year, yes they have a common denominator but it wasn't just the Gosling factor. I swear. 

Soz, couldn't help it. 

Get yourself to see this one folks, well worth the trip. 



Anonymous said...

Ryan Gosling? Swoon! Your review makes me want to see it

Unknown said...

Loved this movie

The company wasn't bad either ;)

Sue Jordan said...

Company was Kick Ass, Mags!

We gots to do it again & again ;)

*Toys with idea of Nerdy Blog Film Club*

Review's and all! said...

Great review. Ryan Rideface!! LOL. I went to see it wit my friend and too of us was swooning as well. Still could be!!

cornflakegirl said...

Great review Sue, it sounds like I missed a good one. Though if I'd known that both Julianne Moore AND Emma Stone were in it I'd definitely have joined ye.

If I promise to actually watch the movie next time can I join your Nerdy Blog Film Club, hehe.

LoCo said...

Jay bus the bod on Gosling

Great review cherrysue . And pics are the bomb too(;0)