Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dye Another Day: How I Prolong My Hair Colour

I've been colouring my own grúaig for aeons now, for me, it's faster, cheaper and I always know what results I can expect. Well I could when I was stocked up on hair colour. Garnier Excel 10, a ten minute wonder dye has been my HG hair colorant for many a moon now, that's why it was akin to a gut punch to learn that it's been discontinued. 

Refusing to use another brand, simply because I've had several important work meetings and evening events lately that meant I couldn't afford a green hair disaster has led to my roots being slightly more prolific than I'd like. I've managed some damage control with a couple of products and, if you're blonde like me (naturally as well, just not AS blonde) they might be able to help you out in a stretch too. 

First up, the Aussie Colour Mate range that I wrote about a couple of weeks back has helped hugely to brighten my highlights and the lightweight conditioner means my hair has some volume and isn't dragged down, nowt as dark as a dragged down mane when your roots are ombre, people.

L'Oreal Mythic Oil - Colour Glow Oil - €19
From L'Oreal, I've been loving Mythic Oil, Colour Glow Oil. It contains linseed and cranberry oils and boasts a UV filter. A little goes a long way with this beautifully scented oil, I rub it into my towel dried hair and it almost disappears but for the beautiful shine it leaves behind. It leaves no residue, just a radiant, non greasy finish. My hair also seems to dry quicker when I use it.

Batiste Gold Shimmer - €5.19
I had to mention Batiste Gold Shimmer in my Stash post over on such is my grá for it's glittery ways. Once blow dried, I spray this subtly shimmering dry shampoo into my roots and massage in. Not only does the golden shimmer disguise darker roots but it also draws the eye to natural (and not so natural) highlights. It gives my locks enough oomph to help the cause too. 

Finally, the hair tool to end all hair tools, I use the Babyliss Big Hair to go over my finished hair to add some volume and lift. This takes me less than five minutes but the payoff is incredible. The heated, rolling brush works to bring together all my elements of root disguisery (it's a word) and leaves me with smooth, bouncy, luminous locks.

I should mention that I've picked up a John Frieda colour mousse but the fear still has me gripped and I haven't used it yet. This simple routine, that's had people asking where I had my hair coloured, will have to do for the next week or so until I steel my nerves and take the moussey plunge.

Have you any other tips for prolonging a dye job?

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boredmum said...

ok firstly i am buying everything on that list,lol and secondly, do u just use the big hair when your hair is dry after you have finished drying it with the hair dryer????? i got this from my sis for christmas and was very dissapointed with it, it doesn't really do anything for my hair except make it static???? i have tried using it on my hair when it was 90% dry and it did nothing really, maybe i am using it wrong, i would love to get it to work for me and give me some volume