Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Welcome to the New CherrySue Doin' the Do!

Weeeeeelllll? What do we reckon? New? Improved? 

It's been a long while since I threatened to shake things up around here and by gum I've only gone and done it. With a little help from lovely American designer Stasia B and a good dollop of help haunting from the Gorgebags, I managed to get it together and I'm dying to know what you think? 

The original plan was to wipe the whole slate clean and work with a simple white background and picture tiles but you know what? That's not me. I like things fun, I like things colourful and when it comes to getting your mitts on the good stuff I want that to be as easy as possible. I wanted this site to feel familiar so opted for an upgrade rather than an overhaul and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

All of your favourite series (i.e the ones that attract thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of you a day) are here to stay. Monday's Moments, Things that Rustle My Jimmies and the cracking Flicks on Fridays, thanks to Aaron. The predominant theme will continue to be beauty because, quite frankly, I'm obsessed. 

We're also going to trial a new series 'Fellas on Fridays' where the youngest Gorgebag, Adam, he that would eat himself were he chocolate, lets us know his thoughts on all things manly (product wise) - it's about time he earned his Shiseido stealing keep! 

Finally, to celebrate the new look CherrySue, we're about to kick off two weeks of incredible Giveaways. These will take place across all social media platforms so there's a chance for every one of you to get your talons on something very special. The first of these crackers will be live in 10 minutes!

It's just my way of saying a heartfelt Thank You for sticking around and checking in for the past two years and for making me laugh every single day with your comments, tweets, mails and messages. It has changed my life for the absolute better and opened up opportunities to me that I could never have dreamed possible in the past. Honestly, Thanks. 

Do please let me know your thoughts 
on everything in the comments. 
As ever, CherrySue is a place to speak freely 
and be heard - extra points for gifs (you know it).  

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