Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Welcome to Thursday, fellow Rustlees - how's the week been treating you so far? Colleagues being irrationally hangry because they're still caught up in a detoxing fad? You being irrational because 'IT'S NOT A FAD GODDAMMIT, THIS IS HOW I LIVE NOW AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS, JACINTA!'?. Step right this way for maximum unrustlement: 

1. Dirty Cloth Smears Across Your Office Monitor and Phone Receiver...

2. Not Freezing the Weeks Worth of Pre Made Dinners & Finding the Lads Have Scarfed 

3. Endless Dark Starts to the Day

4. Indecipherable Post Its

5. Obnoxious Air Tricity Cold Callers

And just like that I feel better already!

Tell me, what's been at you this week? Come, unrustle those jimmies!

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