Friday, January 20, 2017

Jackie - Movie Review

Who's In It?

Billy CrudrupJohn HurtPeter Sarsgaard, and Natalie Portman

What's It About?

After JFK's assassination, Jackie Kennedy fights with grief and the presidential cabinet to organise his funeral, all told through the first interview with the First Lady that looked into their relationship.

Any Good?

The film itself is paced really awkwardly at first, cutting from the 'current', to interview to tv segments from months before, to the lead-up, assassination, and funeral - and it takes a while for the timeline to settle.

Natalie Portman is AMAZING as Jackie, nomination and maybe even Oscar winning. She has a slightly ditsy type of voice, which is totally deceiving as she is talking down to the head generals of the American army and head of CIA. On the other side, Caspar Phillipson in his occasional appearances as JFK is so striking it's weird.  The first time he appears beside Jackie and smiles Ma beside me said "jeeeesus", and I just said "yep". The way he looks, moves, and ESPECIALLY smiles is spot on, even if they don't let him speak.

Peter Sarsgaard is great as Bobby Kennedy too, being the straight by the book voice to Jackie as she plans the funeral, and making sure the presidential cabinet listen and respect the fact that his brother died, and he along with Jackie are seriously hurt.

The film is a slow burner mostly, but is grizzly when it comes to any scene with JFK's assassination. The one problem I had with it was the music, it was all incredibly out of place and disjointed - I think someone got a royalty-free song pack for Christmas and had a field day with it.


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