Friday, February 24, 2017

Logan - Movie Review!

Who's In It?

Boyd HolbrookStephen MerchantDafne KeenHugh Jackman, and Patrick Steward

What's It About?

After the mutant holocaust, Wolverine (Logan/James) is living with a locked away Professor X and a mutant sniffing.. mutant, while taxiing to save for a boat to safety.

Any Good?

Logan makes up for a (almost 2) DECADE of whitewashed kid-friendly Wolverine in the first 5 minutes. It opens with him being shot, taking another bullet for his car, then cutting people to pieces with glorious blood, guts and body parts flying everwhere. Then he just goes home. 

When the film opened like that I was expecting it to be pure gritty action, but it immediately hits you with heavy feels for the mentally degrading Prof. X (played PERFECTLY) and then laughs from Stephen Merchant's "albino" Caliban. The film slides so smoothly from action, to feels, to funny, to feels again and it keeps the film at a 10 (or 5 in our case) at every point.

A special mention is needed for the setting, it feels so post-apocalyptic due to being shot in a lot of dusty, empty deserts which just lends into the shock of 'oh, the world actually is fine, it's just the mutant world that died' when they pull into civilisation.

While the action is so, SO good, it's matched by the performances by everyone. Hugh Jackman finally feels like Wolverine in this, with free reign to constantly curse and stab and eviscerate, but all while handling the deeper moments as well as his claws. I was delighted to see Patrick Steward to pull the old "THERE. ARE. FOUR. LIGHTS!" performance out and really make you feel like you're watching a family member lose it.

A huge shout out for Dafne Keen as X-23/Laura, not only is she able to stay silent for the majority of the film, then lead the funniest scene of the movie with her first lines; she also NAILS the rage that someone like X-23 or Wolverine would have, and she's a child.

I was worried this wouldn't be enough like Old Man Logan at first, but I'm so glad it went in a different direction. This is such a redemption of the cinematic Wolverine and it's constantly fantastic, with not a second of let-down. I definitely think this knocks Hellboy 2 off it's pedestal as my favourite comic movie, and don't see another coming close until the inevitable resurgence after the genre finally dies down.

I adored this film, even to the point where if you have to decide between John Wick 2 (a 5 cherry movie) and Logan, 9/10 times Logan.


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