Friday, March 24, 2017

Things That Rustle My Jimmies ~ 24/03/17

I tried to let a week go without unrustling my jimmies but you know, PEOPLE. 

There are many, many incidents of assholery this week, to name but a few: 

1. People that share graphic pictures of those injured in terrorist attacks

2. Youtubers using ever more ridiculous implements to put makeup on their faces... A condom covered Beauty Blender, A BOILED EGG?!

3. The 'People You May Know' section on Facebook consistently being dolts I've spent my entire life avoiding ...

4. Trusting the March sunshine in Ireland 

5. Old American men that infest the Facebook comment threads on women's rights in Ireland!

Tell me, can you relate? What's been rustling your jimmies this week. Release that Kraken!

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