Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cherry Pick of the Week: The Velvetizer from Urban Decay!

When the brand new Irish Urban Decay flagship store opened on Dublin's Grafton Street last month, one of the most exciting elements was that we would have exclusive access to certain products. One of those products, The Velevetizer Translucent Mix-In Medium is worth the trip to the city alone. A new take on Makeup Artists' old trick of using translucent powder to alter foundation finishes in a pinch, The Velvetizer is about to be a go to makeup product, rather than a last resort. I was thrilled when UD Ireland popped a sample my way. 

The sifter is meant to 'dispense just the right amount of product' - Sifter says no. 

Does it Work? 

Marketed to velvetize your foundation of choice, I have added this insanely silky soft translucent powder to my go to foundation at the minute, Shiseido's Synchro Skin Glow (an unmitigated wetser in its own right) and I have noticed a difference in both coverage & consistency. The dime shaped amount recommended though wasn't enough to completely change the finish from luminous to matte with Shiseido. 

Sprinkling into Urban Decay's Naked Skin though worked like a dream, the usually luminous finish that this demi-matte foundation gives me was transformed into a soft focus matte that glides over pores and fine lines with ease. An entirely new finish, which means entirely new life has been breathed into the foundation I had all but relegated. So not too mind blowing on luminising offerings but on middle of the road demi-mattes? Success! 

Barely there powder - feels exactly like velvet between your fingers - unlike anything I own

Used as a Finishing Powder? 

The blurb for The Velvetizer tells me 'It even doubles as a finishing powder' - Dear reader, they should have opened with that. As a finishing powder for either concealer or an all over setting powder this stuff is FABULOUS. Soft focus & incredibly matte, as a finishing powder The Velvetizer blows Hourglass' Ambient Lighting palette (my Holy Grail) out of the water for flawless, photo-shop finish. 

I've used two Ambient Light palettes to pan in the past three years but I have an inkling that expensive habit has just been broken. My skin looks effortlessly air brushed, people have commented, I've done double takes aplenty at my own reflection and nodded appreciatively at day's end this past fortnight, realising my concealer has stayed exactly where it was put for each entire day. 

As impressed as I've been with this product there's just two niggles I have with the packaging: 

One: The velvet, while it echoes the contents beautifully & harks back to the velvety feel of Naked One, it also scruffs up just as quickly as Naked One. My pot is already grubby & it hasn't been here a month. That's not a huge thing, it's a niggle. 

Two: The Lid. Because the pot is double walled, the lid is smaller on the inside, not an issue for me when using this to set concealer with a small brush but as an all over setting powder, you're going to struggle to get a big brush in there mess free. Again, the packaging is not a deal breaker, given the results, I'd happily put up with a little mess to get them. 

You'll pick it up exclusively in store for €30. All in all The Velvetizer is a winner for me and takes this week's Cherry Pick of the Week slot with ease. 

Tell me, have you tried it yet? Intrigued enough to? 

What was your pick of the week beauty wise? Anything exciting? 

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