Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Advent of a Little Luxury Every Day with the Launch of L'Occitane's 2017 Advent Calendars!

L'Occitane will always be synonymous with luxury skincare & beauty so what if I told you you could have a little luxury every single day in the run up to Christmas? Well that's exactly what my fave French brand have asked me to do. Enter two of the most covetable beauty advent calendars on the market as L'Occitane release both their classic and luxurious versions this week, you have to see them to believe them. You also have to be quick to get 'em!

The L'Occitane Classic Calendar: €59

If you remember my Snaps last year opening the L'Occitane calendar, you'll remember that I have never been as impressed with a calendar before. That's coming from a Gal that had a glittering Sugar Plum Fairy calendar all the way from the USA in the late 80's when America was still an enigma to most of us. So continental. 

Now admittedly we're talking about L'Occitane, a brand that has yet to let me down product wise but more than just a treat a day, I loved the 2016 version because it introduced me to products I've never tried before. It led to my subsequent love affair with Shea Butter Hand Cream, probably the most underrated product I've bought. 

The Classic Advent Calendar this year will set you back €59 and is stuffed full of skincare & bath time gems worth over €100 (!). You're going to find it very hard to open this just one day at a time. If you're buying it as a gift, you selfless wonder, my best advice is to leave it wrapped in the cellophane, the temptation to peek is just too great! 

The L'Occitane Luxury Advent Calendar: €99
I may have made a squeal that only Baxter could hear when I set eyes on the luxury calendar this year. 24 drawers of hand creams, scents and my Holy Grail skincare (Divine Immortelle) is a lot for a gal to take in. 

As a beauty blogger one question I get a lot is 'So what products do you love?'; straight off the bat I can see 6 products here that I have recommended regularly & heartily in both blogs and print. You can almost hear the strains of 'These are a few of my favourite things'. 

If you're an avid traveller like Corrina or I or any one of our Mums on the Run Group you'll recognise immediately that these luxury minis mean luxury travel. They mean your liquids pouch will be filled to the brim for enviable weekend ablutions. 

The L'Occitane Luxury calendar is yours for €99 but worth over €150. Of the two, and if you have the funds, THIS is the one I'd opt for. Of all the calendar offerings this year, this is the one I'd opt for. If you love someone dearly, yourself included I'd say snap it up before it's gone. 

You'll find both calendars HERE along with some of the most indulgent gifts your sheckles can buy. Be sure to check out the Special Offers when there, no one does a Gift With Purchase like L'Occitane do. 

** This post is a paid for collaboration
with L'Occitane. I would never and will 
never endorse a product or brand I don't 
wholeheartedly love & spend my own 
hard earned cashola on. This brand is
both of those things**

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