Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Lapland on a Budget ~ A Mums on the Run Group!

Oh, you want to travel to Lapland without breaking the bank do you? Long dreamed about a trip to the winter wonderland and home of the original Santa have you? Corrina has long shared her knowledge of how to do Lapland on a Budget on this here blog HERE. HERE and HERE , but of late has been gaining attention in mainstream media too - because she does what we've always tried to do - make the dream accessible for all! 

We've now added Lapland on a Budget to our umbrella of Mums on the Run groups and to say it's exploded is quite the understatement. Almost 7 THOUSAND members in a fortnight. If that's not indicative of a genuine Irish & UK desire to live the Lapland dream then I don't know what is. 

It's now two years since Corrina and I set up our initial Mums on the Run Facebook group, we went on to set up a couple more (listed below) but every one with the same ethos ~ we want to help you live your life with a cherry on top. That means living your best life right now, within the means that you have right now. Whether beauty, bargains, blogging or travel, we're passionate about getting you the most for your money, without taking a cent of it from you. Radical I know. 

Lapland on a Budget is 100% down to Corrina, sure I do some housekeeping, but the idea for this group, and, more importantly, helping over 1,000 families get to Lapland within their budget? That's all on Corrina, the generosity of her time, knowledge and her resolute belief that this dream trip, once reserved for wealthy families alone, should be accessible for all.  

The group from day one was abuzz with questions and tags, comments of disbelief and, above all else, comments of thanks from families who have already made the trip, thanks to Corrina's hints and tips. These sounders have now joined to help other families do the same. Just like our other Mums on the Run groups, that camaraderie for nothing more than the joy of helping others out is a thing of beauty, and a joy to be involved with. 

If you'd like to see how Corrina has eschewed Travel Agent's exorbitant quotes ( €10k for 2 nights!!) and traveled to Lapland, several times over (for an average of €2k for a family of 7 for a week!) do come on over and join us HERE. Corrina has everything linked in the Announcements but regularly joins the threads to help out too. She's gearing up to travel again on January 7th 2020 so be sure to keep an eye on her Stories too HERE 

As for our other groups, all share the ethos of zero sales or spam. Both Corrina & I agreed on that from the outset, and I truly believe it's what makes these spaces so valuable, engaging and engaged. We don't allow sales or affiliates (including our own) so you know you can trust the advice you're given. In our umbrella we now have tens of thousands of women helping each other out (quite literally) and I'm not exaggerating when I say these groups are the thing that I'm most proud of online. Come see!

Mums on the Run (With or Without the Little Ones) for days out, nights out & trips
Bargain Hunting Mums on the Run for affiliate free bargains
Beautiful Mums on the Run for crowd sourced, zero BS beauty news, reviews & questions
Hungry Mums on the Run for recipe ideas and meal tips


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