Sunday, 26 June 2011


Have been racking my brain night & day (singular) to come up with a decent post to identify my USP and a reason why Blogville might want to read my ramblings. I have ranged from my Mother's assessment of me, 'You were always hard on shoes' to my youngest's admission 'If you weren't here, who'd do the shopping?' and have landed somewhere in the middle. 

Having read the hugely supportive comments on Twitter though and followed this evening's #bblogger I can safely say I'm not going to stress any longer. Future posts will be longer, deffny funnier and, hopefully, will represent the one subject I know the most & the least about. Moi!

I can't pinpoint a personal USP right now, maybe the fact that I'm finding time to indulge in a blog while working full time, volunteering and mothering teens & a big, fat dawg? But as elements come to me you'll be the first to know (With pictures). 

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