Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday's Moments: 10/12/12

Evening All, Monday’s Moments coming at you following a week’s hiatus but they’re here. Things have been pretty much up in the air here at Casa Cherry with Daddio not being well and subsequent surgery but there’s always time for positivity, right?

I want to genuinely thank each of you that have messaged, mailed and texted with support and good vibes, it means more than you know and, to me, is the Moment that keeps on giving so Ta muchly you beautiful people.

To the Moments!

1. Miracle of Mahoosive Proportion

While at a swanky, pinkys out  Clarins event last week I received a text from the eldest Gorgebag. It was a picture of him threatenging to tuck into a tub of Ben & Jerrys that had just been delivered. There was a Slow Mo Noooooo as it dawned on me what he was at. It was the new Winter Berry Brownie that I’ve been itching to get my mitts on for weeks.

Now the picture wasn’t the moment, the moment came when I eventually got home and realised that said Gorgebag had only had the tiniest taste, saying he was waiting for me to share it. (Unheard of for him, he’s an ice-cream fiend). We crossed spovels and tucked in together, absolutely delish.

2. Czeching In & Czeching Out

With everything going on the Sis and I took a couple of days out last week for our annual Christmas Market trip. Each year we head off somewhere different, this time round it was Prague. It’s a phenomenal city with an astounding history and I’d urge every one of you to see it at least once.

I think the happiest moment of the entire trip though was 10 minutes in when we checked in and sat in the bar with a glass of bubbles. It was so good to just exhale for a minute with the prospect of a couple of days of sisterly chats and giggles ahead of us. Bliss.

3.  Can You Hear Me on My Presidential Mobile?

All that was left of Daddio's Presidential Care Package When I Got There!

On Thursday evening my Sis had the delight to be invited to Áras an Uachtaráin with the kiddies for the switching on of the Christmas lights. (I know, they have a great life!). While there, our First Lady, Sabine was chatting about Ireland's Diaspora and how not everyone can be with their families at this time of year. Quick as a flash, Corrina pulls out her mobile and says, ‘ I've just been speaking to my brother in the UK, it would mean so much if you would say hello’.

Not only did Broseph and SIL chat and exchange Christmas wishes with Mrs H but she then went on to put together some nibbles for my Dad in hospital as Corrina was heading that way after the event. Both were beautiful gestures from a beautiful lady and in no small part thanks to my loony Sis.

4. I’ve Been Converted

For the past several weeks I've been fawning over my new phone, the HTC One X, believing there was nothing quite like it, having upgraded from a brick. Unfortunately on Friday disaster struck and the phone decided to belly up and die (a software issue apparently). Despite umpteen attempts to salvage it, it went the way of the DoDo and having read several similar complaints online I decided not to replace it.

Instead, I’ve gone to the dark side. I picked up an iPhone on Saturday. Even though I spent the first day or so pawing at the screen Homer Simpson style, I’ve now gotten used to it and dare I say it… iHooked.

5. Daddio Cherrio on the Mendio

My final moment has to be one that’s contender for Moment of my life so far. Daddio Cherrio went for surgery on Thursday after several weeks of worry, wrinkle inducing sleepless nights and countless hours of secretly fretting.  

The call to say that he was out and doing well will stay with me for the rest of my days. He’s not 100% yet but he will be and that to us is more important than anything else in the world right now. It’s as if the world has been lifted from our shoulders. Money can’t buy that feeling because if it could I’d buy you all a naggin full. The relief is ridonkulous.

Do please let me know what’s been perking you up this week. Also, if I met any of you at the fabulous #ChristmasBloggerMeetup on Saturday and I don’t already follow you just give me a shout. I’ll sort it out post haste.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


Unknown said...

Really delighted to hear your dad is on the mend Sue xo

Robyn Morton said...

Hehe another iPhone user. welcome to the dark side!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Really glad to hear that Cherrypops is on the mend, onwards and upwards for him and the rest of ye :)

Also, told you the iPhone was brillo, we're like the cool kids now ;P

Anonymous said...

Best Monday moment ever! Suff like that really shows that family and friends matter so much more than all the nonsense thing we normally spend our time getting stressed out by.

PS - Android all the way, baby!