Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday's Moments: 17/12/12

So the last working Monday of the year, eh? I could pretty much use that as all five Moments rolled into one I think, but I won't. I'm flabbergasted that the end of the world/year is almost upon us, anyone else?

Once more it's been a hugely busy week but I've managed to eek out 5 top Moments, just about...

1. Young Love

Moment one is an overflow from last week that I couldn't possibly let slip by without mentioning. When boarding the plane to Prague with the Sis we happened to spot this young love story develop. 

They're both no older than 2 and a half and only spotted each other as we were lining up to board. He was coming to Prague with us and she was Paris bound. They couldn't even talk but spent 10 minutes giggling and touching each others' faces, having to be pried apart to make the flight. ADORABLE! 

2. He Likes Smiling, Smiling's His Favourite..

This here is is my youngest nephew Cillian and the smiliest baby I know. He was on holidays last weekend and had to have the prerequisite bath in the sink. This gorgeous pic is now my phone wallpaper and I've yet to turn my phone on without smiling at him. 

3. Home at Last

Moment three came when this beautiful lady, Sasha, came home from the doggie salon on Thursday with her new do, then 5 minutes later in came her Da (our Da) having spent the previous fortnight in hospital. 

I reckon we were more teary at her crazy reaction than anything else, she was only short of piddling herself! She didn't though, cos she's a lady...

4. Driving Miss Daisy

Anyone that knows me will know that I've been single for quite a while but in recent months that's changed just a tad. There are times when you realise that 'You know what? Maybe I don't need to order 3 bajillions cats after all' 

One of those times is definitely at 4am on a perishing Saturday morning when you can dance/walk no more, there isn't a taxi to be had and a quick phone call results in a chauffeur pick up and drop off home for you and your drunken accomplice. Enough to warm the cockles, right?

5. Are You Having a Giraffe?!

The eldest and I went Christmas tree shopping this week. I may be getting cynical but since when did it become extortionate to buy a dead tree? Seriously now...

We arrived at the yard and there was a couple wrestling a scaldy looking spruce that had branches missing everywhere, as he looked expectantly at the yard owner for a price he was told 'That's a lovely one, good deal for you €75'. I couldn't help but splutter 'SEVENTY FIVE EURO?!' and add (like a teenager) 'Are you having a HAHA?!'. 

Both men looked at me and I looked back incredulously, telling the eldest we were leaving. It was only when we were back in the car and Aaron burst out laughing that I realised exactly how cheeky that was. Let's just rock up, insult the trees, the owner and hare out of there. We laughed all the way home. Good times. 

So tell me, what's going on in your neck of the woods?  Were you fleeced for your tree too? Lemme know! 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Ah the good old baby in a sink picture, just the type of shot that is absolutely necessary at one's 21st, blown up massive 'n all ;) so cute!

Anonymous said...

And I thought 26ish pounds was expensive! I only just got my tree and it's pot grown so theoretically should live on 'till next year (if put in a bigger pot). We'll see...