Monday, December 09, 2013

Monday's Moments - 09/12/13

Good morning All, how was your weekend then? Mine, for the most part was spent in PJs, remote in hand and snoring pets in my very close vicinity - my idea of heaven. Apart from that though, there's been 5 Moments this week that make very sure that the Monday Blues have no business here: 

1. The Holy Trinity

When having the chats with Seamus here this week about the meaning of Christmas and who's birthday was coming up next, we made an amazing discovery. Seamus said 'I'm happy it's Jesus' birthday next, I believe in him' - the Sis nodded along, listening and he continued 'there's only three I believe in though, Mam' - 'Oh yeah' says she, intrigued...

'Yep, Jesus, Michael Collins and Johnny Cash'. Child is 5, he's got no money but he's got his strong beliefs. 

2. Purrrfectly Fitting

Along with the annual fleecy pjs and onesies for the Gorgebags, I also picked up a couple of Christmassy fluffy throws for the beds (and/or wearing as cloaks) this week.  

I needn't tell you that Boo here has given full approval to mine. I can't even hear the television with the sound of her circling, pat patting and purring like an engine as she snuggles in. She knows her comfort - she's deffo one of us. 

3. Abandon Shop

While grocery shopping this weekend I'd a particularly bad back episode that pretty much paralysed my leg, inconveniently enough, it happened while I'd already half filled the trolley and there was absolutely nothing I could do but hobble away and come home for meds and a long lie down. 

Luckily enough, himself had the presence of mind to stash the trolley and continue the shopping once I was gone. There's not a lot of peeps would do that for you and there's not a lot of ways of saying how thankful I am - I may have to decrease the daily Chinese Burns as a reward. 

4. A Chip Off the Old Blog

This past Friday saw a pretty exciting meeting on the cards for the eldest Gorgebag and I. You might know him from such series as Flicks on Fridays as he's written our movie reviews for the past 6 months and done a bloody cracking job at it too. 

Of course I'm biased so when the people behind one of the country's most read sites requested a sit down and offered him a role in their newest online venture as their Movie Contributor saying I was thrilled for him is a huge understatement. He's a pretty perfect fit - they're pretty savvy peeps. I'll be linking the bejebus of his work as and when so do prepare yo'selves for that! 

5. CherrySue's New Do!

I've been teasing this for a while, some setbacks and logistical issues got in the way but this week will see the brand new CherrySue Doin' the Do revealed!!

We never did get a chance to celebrate the site's second birthday a little while ago so I've been in chats with a couple of huge brands, lining up some epic prizes to celebrate this relaunch, our new do if you will and it's going to be pretty special. Content is king, as ever so you can expect all your favourite series and posts to continue just in a brighter, shinier format. 

The plan is to spend the run up to Christmas giving every one of you lovely lot a moxy load of chances to bag something great as without you, the site wouldn't be coming on leaps and bounds as it is and I'm truly, truly grateful for that. I'm so excited for the switch!!

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday Blues then? Day off? Finished your Crimbo shopping? Let me know! 

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Lovely Girlie Bits said...

That's great news about the chiddlers! No better chungfella :) looking forward to seeing the new layout :)