Wednesday, February 19, 2014

L'Occitane NÉROLI & ORCHIDÉE Joins Collection de Grasse Fragrances Just in Time for Momma's Day!

My first foray into Collection de Grasse from L'Occitane came just before Christmas last year in the shape of FLEUR D'OR & ACACIA and CÈDRE & ORANGER in this post. Now to celebrate the first anniversary of the Collection and just in time for Mother's Day the brand have collaborated again with their own Perfumer, Karine Dubreuil (FROM Grasse in Provence no less!) are introducing a new addition NÉROLI & ORCHIDÉE. 

When we're talking about this specially blended scent, we're talking fruity and floral (as the name implies) with Mediterranean Neroli  & Madagascan white orchid absolute but there's a body to it brought by the orange blossom that lends depth to the fragrance and might take some by surprise. It did me. 

Not one normally for floral fragrances, I found myself opening Néroli & Orchidée again and again, intrigued by the sensuality of the fragrance and the way it developed on my skin, Estée's Sensuous is my signature scent so I'm more of a musky, husky (not in girth), nails down your back kinda girl when it comes to fragrance but this really surprised me... until I read the actual ingredients:  

  • TOP NOTES - orange, mandarin, 
  • HEART NOTES - neroli, peach & fig milk and 
  • BASE NOTES - orchid, musk & iris

The entire collection is set to launch March 3rd in stores and online and will include the brand new intriguing product, L'Occitane Fragrance Beautifying Cream (€30.50), that I spoke about on Instagram yesterday 

Prices start at just €8 for the soap and work their way up to €57 for the EDT (that candle for €28 is on my list). For sweet/floral lovers Néroli & Ochidée is a no brainer but I'm going to recommend you don't write this one off as a floral or a fruity number before you actually try it. It has so much more to offer the mavens of the muskier scents too. 
What do we think? Interest piqued? Momma's Day sorted? 


Unknown said...

Im going to go and sniff-test this one, Neroli was my Wedding Scent and I am looking or something to replace it cos I can't get it anymore.

Eleanorjane said...

Sounds rather lovely but a bit pricey. Luckily I've definitely got enough perfume to be going on with...