Friday, February 28, 2014

The Friday Chattery

Good morning All!

I can't tell you the relief I'm feeling at having today out of the office. 

We're off to check out the new 300 movie this morning, I LOVED the first so really looking forward to seeing this one - Nathin' to do with the barely clothed Greek God Like warriors - I swears. 

Is there owt in the cinema you're looking forward to seeing? 

Of course, should you have a question about an upcoming product or a beauty/life dilemma - get it on up here and we'll do our best to help. 

Let's chat!


Breedao said...

Morning all - well used by bright shiny new passport yesterday - had to leg it through The airport yesterday evening and just made it to the gate as boarding started so no browsing in duty free for me :( - saw and loved American Hustle recently and want to see Wolf of Wall St

Unknown said...

Dunno if I want to see this 300, but I have to try bring a friend if I can get tix. G Butler is not in this one and I dunno if it will be good, I am hoping it is.
As for me there arent too many movies I am dying to see with the exception of Muppets * but ricky gervais is in that so my hopee of it being good were dashed straight away once he was announced :(, and maleficent.

I have hid that fecking game that everyone keeps asking questions about regarding emojis, christ if you are crap at it and keep asking just stop playing it ffs.

5 teeth here at the minute and I think the house is running on arguments, coffee and quick and easy dinners.
Oh did yis see the creme egg biscuits. Christ they are delicious.
@Breeda, you know you can order online and pick it up when you get home ;) just saying

enjoy the movie and all the rest of yis enjoy the weekend.

and for those interested, Dunnes have the biscuits at 2 euros for 6 biccys, bet they dont last the 2nd day

Breedao said...

Oh I know David - I work in the airport so have access to duty free :)

Unknown said...

Oh forgot another movie I cant wait to see, The Raid 2