Monday, February 10, 2014

The Monday Chattery

Gooooooood Morning Chattery Chatters!!

Have a good weekend did we? 

Get up to much mischief?

The Winner of last weeks Voucher iiiiiiiis - Breeda O Toole! Huge congrats Breeda, that'll be winging its way to you as we speak. 

Don't forget though, folks, we still have two up for grabs, so with that in mind - 

Let's get our chat on!


Breedao said...

Well that's a brilliant start to the week! Morning all - heavy sporting weekend in our house - lots of rugby and football watched and mostly the results we wanted :)

Unknown said...

Well done breeda
Got me hair did in my regular barbers, Sport was on but my team lost on saturday so nothing new there. Got a bag of old school donuts from St Catherines Bakery. didnt last till fecking sunday.
On sunday just had a friend around for tacos and some banoffee pie. Tried to get rid of the lego movie tix I had for yesterday morning but despite loads telling me they would love them, the tix went to waste :( oh well.
still sitting on 2 and a half teeth here with nuggs. oh and about 4 hours sleep. yay

Breedao said...

@david - teething babs?? Remember those days well

Unknown said...

Yeah teething 10 month old, cutest button of poop ever. adorable and sweet who can manage to last an entire day on 4 hours kip. The one top tooth that has been threatening to come out for nearly 3 weeks is still only breaking through.

Breedao said...

Sure they're all cute - that's nature's way of ensuring we keep having them! Do you have one of those amber necklaces/bracelets? Weren't around in my time but I hear good reports about them

Unknown said...

Tried the amber bracelet but the o/h didnt like it, and didnt think it was working. have tried it sneakily as well, when she is in work and no joy. am confined to watching disney jr as he wakes up from his slumber while playing and reading to him.

Clara said...

Jealous you got to meet Nick Frost, Sue! The film looks fun, hopefully I'll get to the cinema to see it. Lots out at the minute that I want to see.
Fairly uneventful weekend, still went too quick though!

Breedao said...

Well that afternoon got busy! On the way home now and the sun is still shining!

Felicity said...

Hey David do you use the frozen chew toy trick? You can get teething rings that are filled with a non-toxic freezable gel, which really do help to numb the gums. I always found that helped. When the nugget gets a bit older, frozen banananananana is always a good one to help with the toothy-pegs. Try a drop or two of lavendar in a diffuser or oil burner to help bubs sleep at night.

Glad the Sun's shining for you Breeda, it's gone up here - but I did have two loads of washing on the line this morning. Not that it got dry or anything, just the possibility makes me happy :D

Nichole Quinn said...

Hey, try the Siophe le giraffe teething toy, it's very yummy mummy ( I do organic only types) but my two sisters swear by it for their teething monsters

Unknown said...

When we were in the states, we lost his sofie- so around target we found one similar for half the price. bought a load of them and brought them home. Also do the whole frozen fruits thingy as well. its just trying to get him to sleep ladies. hes a fecking nightmare. but in 2 days I get my own back on the lil poop monster ;)

thanks for the advice. sorry it was so late with the reply.

hey cherry sue, how about cos of valentines come up with all say our worst date or valentines ;)


Sue Jordan said...

Excellent idea Dave!

That'll be tomorrow's Chattery so :D