Friday, February 14, 2014

The Friday Chattery

It's Friday, Thank Jebus and all the saints - we'll throw the chat open wide - 
if you wanna share your plans for this evening or lack thereof, let's chat about 'em! 

Of course if you're facing a dilemma, beauty or otherwise, sharing is caring, let's see if we can find you a solution, yesh? 

Let's chat!


Breedao said...

Morning all - half day for me - lunch with my mother, sister and aunt so lots of chats - weather seems to have settled for the moment tho I think the forecast is bad for later - my brother who lives in Jersey City sent me a couple of photos of the snow - they've had a lot this year

Unknown said...

nowt doing here in the house of nugget. I think at some stage I shall sleep. Nugget was up at 4 am for me. yay, go nuggs!
He is watching henry hugglemonster while I wake up fully. Then it will be coffee and a breakfast. Ill limp to the shop to do the euro millions and thats it really. Gimpy leg was awful last night too, so feck all sleep.

Think I will however watch some movie later, kinda being drawn towards knights of badassdom, for some reason. Hope everyone has a lovely v day * or friday if you dont celebrate it

Nichole Quinn said...

Horrible weather here and I spent most of my night being ill thanks to nugget, so I'm having a baking day and then I'm going to watch the new Vic and Bob tv show.
Discovered a cool app yesterday called Tunnelbear, for about €4 a month you can get VPN for the uk and states which allows you to use Netflix US and bbc iplayer.

Unknown said...

Nichole may I suggest Hola, a better internet ;) google it

Felicity said...

Yech, lads, I'm having a day and the weather is crap and the cats are in a mood and the DDis in a mood. On the plus side I gotsa hayooooge box of chocolates for Valentine's Day.

Nichole Quinn said...

Thanks for the Hola tip, the monster will be born with square eyes at this tv consumption rate.
Also just discovered Borgen..