Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Tuesday Chattery

It's Toosdy and on the suggestion of Dave, Hai Dave, we're going to have a little fun around here. 

VDay is fast approaching and love it or hate it I reckon it's a day for having a bit of a laugh. 

So our plan today is to share your worst date story - g'wan, I'll even share if a few of you do. 

Of course we're open to general chit chat too but laughing at people's dating misfortune is highly encouraged, K? 

Let's Chat!

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Felicity said...

Ooh lads, I'm off to the big smoke (Drogheda) today. Good thing I'm broke (they have a Guerlain counter in Shaw's). Feeling all cosmopolitain, so I am ;)

Breedao said...

Morning Felicity - any snow your way? Have a 'great' date story but it could turn into a novella so while I condense and compose it I'll leave ye with a Vday story - I grew up in the sticks - one year a card arrived addressed to The girl on the 'no of bus' house next door to 'well known pub' on the Dublin side - (if I fill in the details you could rock up to my mother's house it was that accurate!) myself and my sister were killed trying to figure out which of us it was for until one day I answered the front door .......... 'T - it's for you'!!!

Breedao said...

I joined a dating site after my marriage broke up - got chatting to a guy and was getting on very well - he was a graphic designer, played guitar, loved music so far so very good. After a couple of weeks of chatting we decided to meet - said he was 6' 2" so decided to break out the heels - met outside the q bar on O'connell bridge - well, if he was 6'2 I'm Elle McPherson (I'm not) - he was wearing his shirt outside his trousers but not in a 'cool trendy' way but more in an attempt to hide his stomach. anyway the Q bar was dismissed as there was a football match on - we ended up in the Palace where he proceeded to tell me his clothes were bought for our date but that he has hidden them in his car so that his parents wouldn't find out and get on to him about wasting his money! He called his ex 'mother' and proceeded to tell me how domineering she was. Turned out he was only separated 6 months - three of which he had spent in a psyc unit 'for a rest'. Of course he wanted to see me again - I had to do the whole 'it's not you, it's me' thing - I'm a little further down the way than you. On the bright side met another guy on it, asked to leave two restaurants as they were closing and we were still yakiing - no physical attraction though - still in
Contact with him and also met my lovely husband - together 12 years and married 5 :)

Felicity said...

Bad date nights. There were so many! A lot of them seem to have to do with Psycho Boyf. He and I dated off and on for 3 years. Two worst? The night one of his creepy acquaintances bailed us up in the pub to offer me a job as a prostitute. Aaaaand: the time the cops called me from his home town to tell me he was on his way to the town I lived in and they were holding me and my flatmate responsible for his actions. But wait there's more! He got arrested for smashing up a cemetery in his car on the way to my place, then lay on the floor of the cell screaming my name and phone number till the cops called me again to go get him. Got him home and read him the riot act. Two o'clock in the morning wake to smell smoke (thank God I'm a weird sleeper). Stumble out of bedroom to discover a chrysanthemum bush (roots, mud and all) blocking my door. Open kitchen door, smoke everywhere. He'd decided to cook me a romantic dinner and since he was baked at the time shoved a steak under the grill and fell asleep. I didn't know steak liquidised when you burnt it enough until that day. So I air out the house, scream and yell a bit, he finally wakes up and goes 'So, I was thinking we could get back together?'

He's still one of my best friends. I have issues

Felicity said...

Breeda - no snow, though I live in hope ;)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sorry earlier post had to be edited, didnt know how to do it :(

Ah jaysus, these are class. I would love to posted that and mine are shoite.

Fux sake Jeff!
First one was not an actual date one. so please bear with me. While working in my first real job ( summer one didnt count ) I got talking to one of the other lads about girls each of us fancied. It coming up to v day we both had someone that we both liked. So for a week or 2, both of us put our heads together and tried to work out how to let said person know we liked them. Cue a line from the memorable movie "the rockeeter " and then we both came up with a 3 verse poem. Agreed that each would use it and send a single rose, a box of chox and a teddy.
As we were both working we had a kid go do the lunch breaks for us. Jeff was his name. Gave him the poems, and the money and told him the addresses to send them to. Now these items were being sent to the girls house(s). told him not to put our names on it.

walk into the pub and all happy as a pig in poop. she comes in all sheepishly, not even looking at me. hmm. I think to myself. what have I done. not me jeff. Jeff put the wrong girls name in the house, and then went and gave my name for the wrong girl but right address.
so it looked like I had sent 2 valentines, one to this girl one to another, but got the addresses wrong.
* just an add-on for this one, her mate was fit to kill me as the poem and rose was lovely but given the name on the card was wrong, she was protecting her mate.

Nichole Quinn said...

Ok here's my worse date story.
A few years ago (4) when I returned from 6 years living and working in Paris, I joined an online dating site.

So cue chattting to a nice normal guy online, then on the phone to an actually date, tea in the afternoon.

Issue #1 the photo sent was ten years out of date and he had not aged well (vain) I know.
Issue #2 entire date was about his lack of sex with woman.
Date ended when he loomed at me and announced..you have the perfect face for a bj.

I walked out as quickly as I could..

Breedao said...

Snowing - noooooo
@david - I was kind of expecting - and we're now happily together at the end of your story!
@Felicity - has he calmed down at all?!
@Nichole - you win - that's horrific

Unknown said...

@Breeda - well we are still friends and we went for coffee in liffey valley recently. Plus I always send her cinema tickets as well. ;)

Felicity said...

@ Breeda, we got snow too! Yes, he's calmed down a bit. After he was homeless in Brisbane for two years and ended up so badly beaten he had to get a metal plate in his head. But he's still the same old nutter at time. I can't help it, I'm just really fond of him. He's the schlemiel the schmuck always spills soup on, ya know? Having said that, my DH cant stand the sight of him

shiv said...

A lot of these stories start with dating sites ! As does mine lol chatting to a guy online very sweet very normal sounding , it was the year we had really really bad snow , we cud not meet 4 ages so talked on phone a lot , when we finally did meet I was super excited , I'm 6ft is and on da hefty side , he said he was 6ft 4 result , black hair , lovely I thought , off I popped on train to Dublin , I nearly died he weighed about 6 stones he's teeth were rotten and on further discussions he informed me he was an ex heroin addict . We did go 4 coffee as I genuinely had a connection with this guy :( on train home he changed his status to in a relationship (we didn't snog) and he's status said "I've just met my wife" , worse call I ever may that evening was so sorry but no ! He then proceeded to stalk me 4 months on end until I assume his first love ie heroin came back into his life !