Monday, February 03, 2014

Monday's Moments - 03/02/14

Thanks to the Sweet Baby J, we made it through January - did you think we'd do it? 

For the majority of you I realise that the first pay day of the year on Friday was the only Monday's Moment you need - I also realise that, should you be anything like me, that you're probably broke again right about now. 

Forgetting that though - I've 5 Moments here that are chasing my Monday Blues away with ease: 

1. On Our Soap Boxes

Ange here felt so passionate about disability awareness training that she left the security of a Public Service job to set up @Trainability - you NEED to check her out!

Without doubt, one of last weeks highlights was being invited by Cocoa Brown Powerhouse Marissa Carter to the Ladies Soapbox Post event in Bewley's. An event to not only celebrate women in business but to network, share our stories and create opportunities for business for ourselves. 

If you'd like to see how that went in its entirety then check out the #LadiesSPost tag on Twitter but suffice to say I met some truly remarkable women, reached a new level of inspiration and put cogs to turning for exciting things to come both site wise and personally. 
Who run da world? 

2. Wetter & Wilder Than Intended

I managed to pop by the WetnWild launch last week in House and get my chat on with some lovely blogging pals and meet some new gals too. As we were leaving though, I remembered my House Voucher from a previous event for the self service bar in the front lounge. The lovely Orla from Makeupovermind & I decided we'd partake in a night cap before hometime. 

Feeling ever so swish, we figured we'd have the most expensive glass each as we were only having one so I put in my card (with my pinky out) and Orla made her selection. Problem is - we didn't cop that you were meant to have a glass ready under the nozzle for the nectar of the gods to shoot in to!! Scarlet for our Mas having us!! 

I'm not sure what was funnier, trying to stop the spray of Malbec or trying to explain to the waiter that yep, we did really just do that. #Totesawksmomo

3. Hello, is it Tay You're Looking For? 

Seriously? Does this Moment even need an explanation? 

The only awesome thing about not seeing friends for a while after Christmas is pressies you weren't expecting. I can't tell you how perfect this is for me. 

4. Oh That's the Stuff!!

On what has been one of the coldest weekends of the year so far our pilot light decided to go on the blink and the heating went kerplunk. Instead of ruining a plumber's Sunday (and paying him a bajillion dollars), I decided we'd geansaí up and make do for a day as we have a plumber coming Monday anyway. 

Ever the silver lining searcher though, I decided a piping hot bath would be the way to go. I just wasn't aware that I'd be papped doing so. Shout out to the inventor of piping hot baths, yo!

5. When is a Pre-Order not a Pre-Order? 

Mood Exposure was instant LOVE, Dim Infusion may have to prove herself!

You might have seen these beauties garnering a little hype of late since Christine over at Temptalia broke news of their release a fortnight ago. Being on the receiving end of a little moolah from himself and not being in possession of any willpower whatsoever I headed over to Space NK to have a little looksee.  

It was made very clear that these were Pre-Order only but they were cheaper at £28 (€34) than the predicted €35 that we'll be paying here (even so that's the price of a Benefit Box o' Powder')(I'm a master at make up justifications) so I bit my knuckle and hit pre-order (of 2 because that meant free delivery)(see? Master Justifier) and sent them to Parcel Motel. 

That was late Thursday evening and my immediate confirmation said to expect them any time from Feb 11th. Lo and behold on Saturday evening I got a text from Parcel Motel to say there was a delivery for me. Can you Adam & Eve it?!? They're now sitting in front of me still in their boxes and I take them out for a little look & swatch every few minutes. It's love. 

I never claimed to be sane!

Tell me, what's brightening up your Monday? 


Unknown said...

Wow trainability sounds awesome!! Ireland definitely needs that! Also those blushes are gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

I love the mug! I love novelty mugs, but sometimes I don't use them coz they are too nice.

Chloe said...

The Hourglass powder are beautiful! Blusher is the one thing I have a hard time splashing out on though, because I usually forget to even put it on! I'm delighted because I got my hands on Essie's Encrusted Treasures :)

Eleanorjane said...

Ireland does have 'My Guide Open for Business' from Guide Dogs to train organisations in how to serve people who are blind or partially sighted, so that's something.

My Monday Moment (not necessarily a good one) was realising that I'd driven 1 1/2 hours into work instead of realising that I could work from the office 20 min walk away today! Doh!

Teresa said...

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