Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Tuesday Chattery

It was touch and go but we made it though Monday

Tell me lads & lassies, what shall we chat about today? 

Have you a burning question about upcoming products that we might be able to help with? 

An unruly offspring that you might want to adopt out - here's the place to share

Let's Chat!


Breedao said...

Morning - bit windy this morning - saw our little hare this morning lolloping along as I was coming into work - there are three of them around - always lifts my spirits when I see them :)

Breedao said...

Email from passport office today saying as my issue date has passed they are looking at it today - hopefully I have everything right - fingers crossed

Sandy Beach said...

Fingers crossed.

Breedao said...

Picking passport up tomorrow afternoon Sandy!! Only issue was they couldn't change it from Bridget to Breeda as I sent in this year's tax cert - I should have sent in 2011 as you have to prove at least two year's usage - in even better news I won't be working any Friday in March - have 7 and 1/2 days to take before end of March so will also be off the last week of March - now to persuade the hubby to take more than two days so we can do something!

Sandy Beach said...

There's timing for ya. Enjoy your Fridays.