Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Thursday Chattery

We're so close we can almost smell it - today, Thursday, as ever, is the day of Jimmies and the unrustling thereof. 

How about before we unleash mighty hell over there - we share one good thing that happened this week hmm?

Or get everything off your chest right here - yaknow - this is The Chattery. 

Let's Chat!


Unknown said...

Happy Thursday peeps! I for one am looking for a bit of advice or some opinions because I'm a bit confused. I've been out of work now for a couple of weeks and have been searching the web for new jobs, but I'm not sure about applying for them because I have 2 different holidays booked and paid for. A week in April and a week In July. If I was lucky enough to get called to an interview or get offered a job do you think most employers would be understanding of this or would they send me packing? I'm just trying to figure out is it worth applying for these things if I'm going to be turned down after telling them. Dilemmas!

Sandy Beach said...

Go for it. What's to loose? If you're accepted for an interview you're getting in practice. If you get the job then you're the person and sure how were you to know you'd not be in your previous position when you booked holidays. If you're the person for the job they can live without you for a week here and there. Just cross the bridge when you come to it.