Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Thursday Chattery

Hey, Happy Thursday everyone!

How are we holding up in the apocalyptic weather? I'm off to the Doc today to see if he'll sign me back onto work after MONTHS with this bandy back. I'm still not 100% but 
a girl's gotta eat!

On that topic, how many of us have already blown the first paycheck of the year? (& what'cha buy?)


Unknown said...

got loads on the tesco sale. stuff for 1c.
shame I cant eat printer ink, headphones or even psvita games ;)

laura said...

Looking forward to this weeks jimmy russler post! Good luck at the docs Sue!

Breedao said...

Good start to the morning in our house - two laptops, 2 phones - 3 tickets to Garth Brooks = 1 ecstatic daughter!!! She was soooooo disappointed last week - she's been mad about him since she was two - and it's not raining (yet) and it's a bright day 😄

blondie said...

morning all

I haven't got on here in a couple of weeks.

Felicity (?) I think it was you who reccommended a few weeks back I try the Dove body wash for aul bags (the pro age stuff but I prefer your title), in my quest to combat the ridiculously hard water in my gaff...thanks a mil, I really like it, lovely smell & feel & lovely for after swimming too. Got the smaller bottle, gonna get the huge one next time I'm in Tesco or boots.
Jesus I was off sick Mon & Tues but still feckin thrilled it's Thursday. It's been a crappy couple of weeks looking forward to a hopefully relaxing weekend.
God the difference the relatively clear sky & bit of weak sunshine makes of a morning....definitely seriously needed.

Good luck at the doc Sue!

David Tobin...what's this about a Tesco sale?? Must have a goo...

Breeda - woo hoo on the tickets!

Have a good day all x

Unknown said...

its not a sale per-se. its more a check the yellow sels and grab the nearest price scanner and you might be in for a surprise. I was expecting the ink I got to be 68c but no, it was 1c!
there is a certain way to pay for these, and it involves a self scanner and other items ;)

Breedao said...

@blondie - I know - I'm like a different woman when the day is bright - I've put clothes out on the line - a bit optimistically - beauty question - does anyone know the best way to open the primer things that come with naked 3??