Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday's Moments - 17/01/14

Well first up on Monday's Moments has to be the fact that I've spent most of the day reclining in my leaba after a hectic weekend. If that's not enough to chase away the dreaded Monday Blues then I'm not sure what is - oh yeah I am - THESE FIVE MOMENTS: 

1. It MUST be True

I caught myself this week doing something that I'd say a lot of you did too but refuse to admit. I battled my way through the blustery sleet & snow to get to the shopping centre & while checking my phone said 'Oooh look, it's snowing!'

As if the previous 20 minutes hadn't happened and I couldn't see out the windows (of which there were many) that it took confirmation from my RealFeel Weather App to tell me. I die for me sometimes, really I do. 

2. Popping My Oreo Malt Cherry

Why? You might ask was I bating my way through the elements that day? Well it was to catch up & have the chats with All the Rs (that's +Lorraine Haigney ) to the rest of the world as I hadn't seen her in a while. 

Her widening eyes as I told her I hadn't ever tried an Eddie Rockets Oreo Malt were enough to make us break into a soft canter as we left Boots laden down. You haven't tried one of these before? Sorry, YOU HAVEN'T LIVED, MY FRIEND. 

3. Line Up, Line UP!

When it comes to wishing for super powers my requests are always pretty tame, like being able to spend less than I earn, the ability to not look like my mother's doppelganger in photos and finally to be able to master a cat flick liner. 

In steps the Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush from +Cloud 10 Beauty and HOLY PAINLESS FLICK, BATMAN, we have it! This here is not only a very, very rare selfie but it is evidence that using Maybelline Gel liner & the Silicone brush I managed not only one but two, TWO, flicked lines. Seriously now, I'm not saying it has super powers but for €7.50 and roughly four literal flicks, I've just crossed one lifetime wish off my list. Just. Saying. 

4. Welcome Back House of Cards 

There's not many TV shows that'll have me rush my Valentine's dinner and a rosemantic night out with himself but Feb 14th return of Netflix series House of Cards is certainly one. 

We're on Episode 6 already and not to spoil anything but 'JESUSHCHRISTINAHANDBASKET'

That good. 

5. Mercy Kill!

A little background might be needed for this Moment. Having booked tickets two years ago, we eventually got around to see Sarah Millican live on Saturday night. Myself & the Sis being in a giddy mood, decided we'd join in with the show (only when asked of course). 

Sarah asked 'What do you do when your cat brings you home 'gifts' that are still twitching?' to which I replied 'Mercy Kill!', she composed herself and asked 'Ehh, how do you do that?' so I told her 'With very small pillows!'. The place erupted. Not to brag but she said I'm 'Officially awesome' *rubs knuckles on lapel*. 

It was then that she asked 'What do you bring on a dirty weekend away?' & the Sis shouts out 'A safe word!', when asked what it was 'DUCKS!' The place was in stitches and Sarah said, well God bless your neighbours 'A chap in the Circle (my bestie's Bro in Law) shouts up 'We're their neighbours and thought they had ducks for years!'. Literal LOLLING doesn't even begin to cover it - Feckin' hilarious. 

Tell us, what's made your Monday bearable then? 


Unknown said...

jaysus you look great in that pic ;)

Sue Jordan said...

Ah here Dave, you'll make me blush :)