Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

I'm not gonna lie, this week has been a tough one - what with apocalyptic weather, missing every single event and it being two days to Pay Day - I'm not a happy bunneh. 

That is why we're here though, right? To release the Kraken and restore the equilibrium.

Here's JUST five things that have rustled my Jimmies this week: 

1. Auto Tweets to tell you 47 People you Follow have 'Just Followed' Some Random Account

 photo post-9762-Morgan-Freeman-I-Don-t-Give-a-e2HD_zps5cb5932a.gif


 photo watoriginal_zpsa1b5acdf.gif

3. Toilet Seats Left up 

 photo why-tho_zpse69f78b3.gif

4. When People NEVER Reply to Comments 

on ANY of their 'Social' Platforms 

 photo tumblr_mc8s29aMRL1r5ogigo1_500_zps7c0ef6ba.gif

5. When Some of My Favourite Bloggers Don't Disclose Clearly Sponsored Posts

 photo kPvnJPv_zps2606eeb1.gif
And that's them, with a little shout out to one of my fave Dudes Dusty Hunter on #4 there, because I know, for a fact, that that irks him too.

Tell us, what's been keeping your jimmies a'rustle this week then?


Felicity said...

You know the lights at intersections that only go red when a pedestrian presses the button to cross? When a pedestrian presses the button without checking traffic, discovers there's no traffic, and crosses, leaving the LIGHTS TO GO RED FOR NO PEDESTRIANS. Ultimate in the rude! And I don't drive. It just rustles mah jimmies every time I see someone do it

S said...

People. People are annoying me today. Some human beings are awful stupid. STUPID.

laura said...

Yet another awsome jimmy russler post!my own jimmies being russled by two individuals i share an office with who eavesdrop on my private conversations that have nothing to do with them,and then stick their oar in !! Grrrr. Seriously?
I agree with sue on bloggers not disclosing sponsored posts,really irritating and tarnishes credibility.
Phew! Feeling better already!

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

I have to stop reading these posts when I'm somewhere that I shouldn't be laughing out loud.

Robyn Morton said...

In the same vein as number 1. All those tweets that say x people followed me, y people unfollowed me or x people aren't following me back. Who gives a damn how many people aren't following you back, except you!

Sue Jordan said...

Haha ladies,

Chloe, that comment has made my day xx