Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stella EDT - A New Rose. A Lighter Touch.

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It's hard to believe that the original Stella fragrance is now 12 years old, it's even harder to chat to a group of pals and not find one that is head over heels in love with it. A signature fragrance of many women, this lighter EDT version is sure to top the list of Summer time scents this year. 

Once more we're looking at rose as the pivotal floral note, this time Bulgarian rose essence giving the unmistakable Stella signature. Sparkling green notes, however, make this a much brighter affair altogether and leave a freshness on the skin and a warmth on dry down that I never had with the original. 

 Truthfully Stella never really made it onto my radar of scents, there wasn't much room but having worn this sparkling beaut for several weeks now and reaching for it above all others I'm beginning to rethink that decision. 

As a side note, how cute is that bottle? Micro pastel pink polka dots - could NOT be cuter. 
Should you be looking for a scent for a loved one as a special gift, I can pretty much guarantee this would go down a storm. 

Prices range from €52 - €95 and are available at Debenhams, Shaws, Lloyds, Sam McCauleys & selected pharmacies nationwide. I'd highly recommend a little sniff as you pass by counter for this one. 

Are you a Stella fan? Reckon you'll check this fresher EDT out? 

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