Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 29/06/15

Monday's Moments are my silver linings. My opportunity to be grateful for the little (and the sometimes not so little things) in life. There's a mind shift in finding the victories in everyday life. Each week I give a salute to 5 of these Moments that chase my Monday Blues away. 

Below, in no particular order of deadliness is what I'm grateful for this week:

1. While perusing the electric toothbrushes in Boots (Blanch) last week I got a tap on the shoulder. Maria (Hi Maria!) that works there explained that not only were the toothbrushes on sale but that there were even bigger savings to be had online - unheard of for shop staff, right? I popped the brush back down, ready to head home and order that evening when she asked me up to the counter. She pulled out the store iPad & showed me the deal, a saving of €150! Not only that, she managed to order it for 2 day delivery using just my Boots Advantage card for details. Now THAT'S customer service! 

2. Resubbing to Stellar mag this month because Kirstie McDermott! Have you read it of late? Since Kirstie (founder of took the helm the magazine has literally metamorphosed. It's now a digital/print hybrid that has me literally LOL'ing page after page. It feels like the Beaut of old, feels like you're chatting with pals again. It feels like magazines used to make me feel. A huge credit to Kirstie & her team! 

3. Being interviewed by the Sunday Business Post about the blog and how we've made it work for us. I'll know this week when it's going to print, while pinching myself (and Aaron). 

4. Spending Saturday night, just the three of us watching movies like the old days. When the boys were tots we used to bring down the duvet and spend Saturday nights watching the Hollywood (& French) greats, burned popcorn in hand. The truth is they've grown so fast and now we're all either socialising, working or looking at our respective screens of a Saturday night. Granted this time we each had our own duvets AND the popcorn was in much better nick but the quality time was just as lovely as it ever was. 

5. The INCREDIBLE reaction to my interview on Xposé last week. The lovely Aisling came to The g Hotel in Galway to interview us and I chatted about how blogging has literally changed our lives. I was hugely nervous as I've never done TV before. We've been inundated with messages, mails, texts & tweets of congratulations and the stats have exploded even further as a result. I think I'm most pleased that the passion I have for blogging and for the community came across as well as intended. 
You can catch the interview HERE at 24 minutes in. But I want to sincerely thank each & every one of you for making it and this a possibility for us. 

Now tell us, what are you grateful for this week? 
What Moments are chasing away your Monday Blues? 

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