Wednesday, December 02, 2015

**Announcing** ~ A Very #CherryChristmas ~ A Giveaway A Day In December!

Some of you may have heard me mention this on Snapchat last night (I'm @ItsCherrySue there too) but this year's festive frivolities are going to be a little different. 

As mentioned above I'm wishing every one of you a Very Cherry Christmas with a Giveaway a Day in December. I will announce each prize on one of my platforms each day with simple entry requirements & choose a winner that evening with the prize popped in the post that very night! 

Once you receive your prize, if you post a picture on any of your social platforms with #CherryChristmas & Tag me, your name will be entered into a draw for a Grand Prize on December 24th ~ And by GOOGLY is it grand! 

Prizes will all be something I use and love and something I have no doubt you'll use and love too. Some will be sponsored by brands, others not. I won't be paid for any of them. This is my way of giving back to you lovely lot once a year to thank you sincerely for the life changing support you've given my boys and I and I relish every minute of it. 

You can enter any or all days. Entry restrictions will depend on postage restrictions but every prize that can be sent internationally will be open internationally ~ I'll clarify on each post. 

My standard T&Cs apply for each of the 25 prizes, as do the standard T&Cs of the platform on which each appears. Pop by daily to find the prize & enter and it really is that simple!

You'll find all of my links below so do get to following (if you don't already) 
 & let's get this snowball rolling!



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