Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#CherryChristmas Day 15 ~ WIN The Blank Canvas Master Series Palette!

Day 15 of #CherryChristmas is upon us and this time we've teamed up with one of our favourite Irish beauty meccas Cloud 10 Beauty for our fabulous prize du jour; the much coveted and already sold out Blank Canvas Master Series Palette!

Containing 11 velvet matte flattering shades and one champagne shimmer, there's not an eyeball in the land that wouldn't look effortlessly made up using the Master Series palette. 

To nab this smokey beauty by this evening simply leave a comment below to tell us what you like about shopping with Cloud 10 Beauty! Their lightning fast shipping maybe? Their expansive range of exclusive products? Maybe their second to none customer service? Or perhaps their never ending support of Bloggers? 

Of course if you haven't had the pleasure yet you could just pop across to their site and tell us how you like the cut of their jib in general. It's all gravy. 

Hey Happybubble Gal, send us on your details tout de suite ~ Adam has chosen you as our#CherryChristmas  Winner today!! <3

Disclaimer: Neither this, nor any
of the #CherryChristmas
Giveaways are paid placements. 
Products sponsored perhaps
but, as ever, the words are 
my own. 

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