Friday, December 18, 2015

Last Minute Stocking Fillers from Life Style Sports!

Buying Christmas for teenage man children is not always an easy task. Firstly they refuse to answer the question 'What do you want off Santy' with anything other than a bewildered stare and secondly they work, so throughout the year if there's anything they really, really want, they buy it. Yep, that's a first world problem but it's a very real one too when you're a busy Mama and haven't the time to invent a telepathic machine to scan their brains for answers! 

Luckily I had a chat with Life Style Sports, who in turn invited me in to pick up some stocking fillers for the lads in question. Life. Savers. I thought I might give you a little glimpse at my Top Ten stocking stuffing choices on offer in case you're in a similar pressie buying predicament. 

10 - Slippers!

It doesn't matter what age the sports loving loved one you're buying for is; when it comes to a thoughtful little pressie you simply cannot go wrong with slippers. Life Style have all of the big teams covered and every size from nipper up to Sasquatch too. Chuck in a matching calendar so that they can highlight the year's matches and you're golden. 

9. Nike Training Aids

Whether it's an ergonomic water bottle, a specially designed sports bra (not for my two obvs) or the Nike iPod sports tracker (for just €20) there's great offers in store for stocking fillers from Nike right now. 

8. Crep Trainer Protection

Anyone that watched our New York Snaps will know exactly why I call Adam 'Imelda Marcos'. Were the child a centipede he'd still have several trainer choices every single day. You know the way I feel about makeup, that's nothing compared to this child's love of a perfectly formed runner. He's meticulous with them too so always has a can or two of Crep on the go. Should you have a trainer fiend under your roof too, you really can't go wrong with a can of this shoe saviour for their stocking. 

7. Leinster Fans Rejoice

Got a Leinster fan in your midst? Then Life Style have you covered. With stocking stuffers from as little as €10, right up to heavy weight hip flasks (again, not for my two) there's no easier way to help your loved one show they're a true blue. 

6. Rugby Rabble

In fact all rugger buggers are brilliantly catered for in Life Style. No matter your budget, or their affiliation, you're spoiled for choice. I picked up a couple of scarves for loved ones abroad for next years clashes. You know we're gonna be front and centre. 

5. Wa-HEY!

I'm fully convinced that the only reason weight lifters see results after using Protein shakes and Whey is because they have to lug the great shaggin' vats of it home! Either way, Adam is a huge fan and regularly buys his provisions here. He won't need to again until February at least though, WINK WINK. I just have to make sure he has a LARGE stocking this year .

4. Stella Stocks!

It wouldn't be a stocking without trusty sockings and they don't come much more luxe than Stella Sport from Life Style. Brightly coloured and reasonably priced, these *may* have fallen into the self gift pile this year. Lush. 

3 & 2. Ceramic Mugs, Travel Mugs, MUGS!

Stuck for last minute, purse friendly options for the stocking? Akin to the slipper selection, you'll find most big teams represented in the mug line up in Life Style. Prices are as low as €10 so they're a no muss, no fuss, no brainer really. 


I think what struck us most, while picking up our last bits was the range of sports wear on clearance in store. High quality labelled clothing at ridiculously affordable prices, you're sure to nab a bargain, no matter who you're buying for. Whether for stocking stuffing or buying new threads to wear over the holiday season, the range in clearance in Life Style really has to be seen. We picked up t-shirts for both lads but also as gift for the lads' friends too. They were thrilled, I was thrilled, their pals will be thrilled next week. 

And that, my dears is just our top ten picks of how Life Style could save your last minute bacon this Christmas season. If you are passing I'd urge you to pop your head in and tick the last few difficult to buy for names off your list. Failing that I'm going to set up a Kick Starter fund for a Telepathy Machine for Reading Teen Minds - Who's in?

While we weren't paid for this
post, nor given any directive on 
wording, Life Style were
very generous in giving the
lads store credit for stocking filling 
this Christmas. Spoiled gits!


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Whether it's an ergonomic water bottle, a specially designed sports bra (not for my two obvs), or the Nike iPod sports tracker (for just €20) there are great offers in store for stocking fillers from Nike right now. online personal trainer for women