Tuesday, January 21, 2014

L’Oreal Paris launch Elvive Fibrology: Great News for Fine Haired Fillies Everywhere!

I am ALL about the big hair, L'Oreal's #TXT Supersizing spray before Christmas was a godsend to my limp locks and it has to be said that this L’Oreal Paris Elvive Fibrology is about as hair raising, literally, as we can get. Best bit? We're talking years of research, new technology and new patents, all at budget prices. 

The Filloxane molecule is the sciencey bit we need to pay attention to here, which harnesses “Sol-Gel” chemistry (apparently). Fine and limp hair can get lasting thickness instead of just volume, as it intertwines with your hair strand’s own protein and keratin inside the shafts, doubling their size and creating volume and bounce JLaw a la American Hustle would be proud to shake at a Mafioso. 

We've all learned to invest in a hair care line that promises us close proximity to the moon with our bouffant but the interesting part about Fibrology is their claim at lasting thickness. The Filloxane is designed to continue to thicken the hair wash after wash and even claims that once you discontinue use that your results will last for up to ten washes with normal shampoo. That has to be a good thing, right? 

Intrigued by these claims and having spotted Hayley AKA London Beauty Queen  send out the shout out to #bbloggers to keep eyes peeled for this stuff, I was chuffed to see it on special in Dunnes Stores (that's two coups in a week, Dunnes, you sly dogs) and promptly picked some up. Fancy a look at what just one wash has done? 

Day after wash with zero other products used
It looks pretty good, doesn't it? Yes, this was only my first wash and my first impression but so far I'm impressed and while you can get the entire range here in Boots for full price, I'd be remiss not to tell you to check out Dunnes for an 'even better than half price' deal. What's to lose, right? 

I'll keep you updated on how I get on over the next couple of weeks using Fibrology but I'd love to hear if you've given a go aswell? 

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Kat said...

Iiiiiiiinteresting... I'll have my skeptic hat on till I have a proper look at this "science" *cough*marketing*cough* but hey, if it works! Looking forward to seeing how you get on!