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Moo Goo Irritable Skin Balm & Soothing MSM Cream for Infantile Eczema - A Guest Review from Karen Mulreid (& wee Seán)

When I saw the ever hilarious Karen from Beating Myself Into a Dress waxing lyrical on Facebook about Moo Goo and its astounding powers of healing for her little chicken, Seán, I knew it would be something that would interest a huge amount of Mommas as Infantile Eczema is one of the most common skin complaints for childer in Ireland today. This here is her full review of Moo Goo Irritable Skin Balm & Soothing MSM Cream. Take it away Karen: 

What is it?

MooGoo is an Australian company that makes a range of natural products designed for people with skin and scalp problems. The legend goes that the founder adapted a cream used to keep cows’ udders in good condition for milking, to help a family member with a skin problem. It worked so well that friends and neighbours started asking for samples and thus the MooGoo Company with its original Skin Milk Udder Cream was born. (MooGoo, heh, see what they did there?) 

Since then, the company has expanded to other products including shampoos, soaps, face cream and even tanning lotion, all made with safe, natural ingredients. They don’t use fancy marketing gimmicks to get their products noticed, instead relying on good old fashioned word of mouth and personal recommendations to spread the word.

Does it work?

Indeed’n it does. Well, it did for us. When our son, Seán, was four months old, he suddenly broke out in a rash on his tummy, the backs of his knees and at the creases of his arms. It was red, rough and flaky and spread alarmingly fast. We tried everything, all the usual lotions and ointments that you can get on pharmacy and supermarket shelves, but nothing worked. We took him to our GP who diagnosed infantile eczema and recommended another cream to use along with a rigorous hourly creaming schedule. Despite our best efforts, it didn't work, in fact his condition worsened. He was covered head to toe in the rash, itchy and uncomfortable and he had started scratching the backs of his knees until they bled. In desperation I put a call out on Twitter and Facebook for some recommendations and the name that kept popping up was MooGoo. 

We got our hands on a tube of the Irritable Skin Balm – designed specifically for eczema - applied it several times a day and held our breaths. It was slow, but it worked. Within days the rash had reduced from fire engine red to a light pink, the roughness slowly softened, the rash slowly decreased. It wasn't overnight, but it was working. We then moved to the MooGoo Soothing MSM Cream which is a little stronger and that cleared it completely. He is now eczema free, he has no rash, at all, anywhere on his little body.

Look at this happy little cherub - does he look like he's being plagued by Infantile Eczema? No Siree!

What does it smell/feel like and will it look purdy on my bathroom shelf?

The skin creams we've tried are thick and unctuous so a little goes a long way, but they’re not greasy and are absorbed quickly, leaving the skin feeling really soft and smooth. They smell simply ‘clean’ and fresh, there’s no strong scent. Most of the products are called something cow related and come in really sweet packaging – for example the Soothing MSM Cream comes in a pump dispenser but is packaged in a cardboard box in the shape of an old-fashioned milk carton. It’s oney gorgeous!

Where can I get my mitts on it?

MooGoo is stocked in selected shops and pharmacies around Ireland and also ships to Ireland via its online store For a full list of Irish stockists click here ( Prices vary depending on the product but for example a Butter Milk Soap costs €5.95, the Irritable Skin Balm is €15.95 while Seán’s favourite, the Natural Mini Moo Bubbly Wash is €14.95.

Thanks so much Karen, I'm absolutely delighted that you've found a product to give you both that relief. You'll find Karen in a couple of places & I'd advise you to do so immediately - her Twitter, her site  and helpfully she has set up a supportive Facebook page/forum for Mommas working from home called Two Cups of Coffee and a Packet of Crisps & you'll find that here.

Are you a Moo Goo fan? Think you might give this one a shot? 

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He's adorable, such a cutie! Moogoo products are great, I've used their shampoo and conditioner.