Monday, January 13, 2014

The Chattery

Good morning Monday and good morning, ladies!

How was the weekend then? A blur just like mine? I can never tell if it goes quicker when I'm busy or when I'm sitting, slackjawed looking at a screen or two. 

Anything weird or wonderful happen over the weekend for you? Shocked at Sherlock? or GaGa over the Golden Globes? 

Maybe you've got an ongoing dilemma you could do with a little help with? If so you've come to the right place. 

Let's get our Chat on!


blondie said...

Morning all

Sue I know what you mean...never sure which makes the weekend feel faster, it's too feckin fast either way!
If I'm I'm out & about doing stuff I keep thinkin I should be at home relaxing so I'm properly rested for Monday but if I'm sitting on my ass I start feeling guilty that I'm wasting the weekend!

Went to see Delivery Man on Saturday night. Wasn't amazing but was good, a good laugh. Would like to see 12 Years A Slave but just wanted to watch something more lighthearted on Saturday!

Have a good day all :)

Helz said...

Hey girls, Bit of a cringe question but in the last few weeks ive been noticing the whiskers on my upper lip are getting darker and more obvious. I am guessing it is because I havent seen sunlight in months which usually lightens the little feckers. Anyway I feel I need to consider doing something about them.

So my question is this, whats the best way to go about it? If I bleach them will I have a yellow ronnie with dark roots? If I wax will my make up and tan look patchy over the area? What about immac? Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks x

Sue Jordan said...

Morning/afternoon Gals,

Blondie, I know exactly what you mean about Delivery Man and I thought the same - was grand like. Are you going to watch the original on Netflix? Think I will.

Helz, have you tried threading? I swear by the girls in the BodyShop. I've been getting my brows done for years and they grow at a much slower rate now - I genuinely think that 'growing back darker' tosh is just that x

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I dunno, I've done the immac thing for years (I'm a wuss for wax) and my blonde bits haven't blackened. But regrowth is a little prickly after a week or so, just for a day or two, then it's grand again.

Whatever ya do, do NOT take to it with a tweezers! Holy mother of divine.. that's one mistake I will never ever repeat!

Felicity said...

Hi Helz. There are pros and cons associated with all forms of dealing with the tache. Having pale skin and black hair, I've been dealing with this for over 30 years! Bleaching can help, but you need a really top quality bleach which can be hard to get hold of. Both waxing and threading have the ouch factor - waxing removes most of the hair, threading removes all hair including the really fine vellus hair. Threading lasts longer but hurts a lot more! Immac basically burns off the hair to a few millimetres below the skin - hence the prickly grow back - but it's cheap and cheerful and you can do it yourself. No form of hair removal makes the hair grow back stronger - but immac can give that impression because you've basically 'cut' the hair in the middle rather than ripping it out at the roots. In terms of preserving your tan, threading is the best option as all the other options will involved either chemicals sitting on your skin or removing a fine layer of skin (depending on wax type, wax can do this and immac definitely does!). Remember that you will not be able to wear makeup or apply anything to your skin for 24 hours after any treatment (if you really need to cleanse, get a konjac sponge, it's the only thing that doesn't run the risk of something nasty happening)

shiv said...

I'm a tweezer fan hurts like hell but when there's not a lot of hair I think it's ok , ive heard that treading is only suitable for dark skin as white skin has far more fine hairs that get pulled as well which in turn come back darker ? .would love to try laser ? Anyone tried it ? A woman in work has the difference was amazing her skin even looked brighter !!

Felicity said...

@shiv - hair will not grow back thicker or blacker from pulling vellus hair, it makes no difference at all. Hormonal changes and mother nature's other box of tricks that are attendant on aging are solely responsible for the change in the hair. Re Laser: it's spendy, which for many is the big drawback. The fairer your skin and the blacker the hair, the better and quicker the result. Bear in mind that contrary to the ad copy, laser is not permanent - depending on your hair type, you need (generally 2-4) maintenance sessions a year. But yeah, if you have the money, it does work...

Unknown said...

I do immac for my top lip, pluck the granny hairs on my chin and moles. Gack-a-lack but it has to be done, pale skin and thick, dark hair does not an attractive upper lip make.