Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Chattery

How do, we've made it to Thursday, that's no mean feat for what's felt like the longest week in the history of weeks. 

Have you got a burning beauty dilemma, a question about a product or just looking for a little advice about life issues in general? Leave an 'oul comment below and we'll do our utmost to help you out. 

Though we're slow to take off with comments, Wednesday's Chattery attracted over 6,400 views - now that's pretty phenomenal so please don't be afraid to leap right in and get the chatting ball rolling. 

I'm off to the Laya Pendulum Summit today with my skin & blister - here's hoping it'll be a hugely inspirational day and we'll get to meet a bajillion like minded folks (no matter how much like a Swingers' Convention that sounded...)

What are you up to for the day then? 


Felicity said...

OMG, where did yesterday go?? Just one of those days, I guess... Got a looooverly dilemma for yizz: how the hell do you get rid of a giant, pulsatin,g sore, nasty ingrown hair? I haven't had one in years and years, but I gots one and I just can't get to it to get it sorted so it just keeps growing and growing. Hurts like buggery, lads. Now, wasn't that a beautiful start to the day?

Anonymous said...

Morning ladies! I had posted but my stupid Internet connection dropped & I lost my comment aaaagggg! My question is for my son really sensitive skin & he has just had a nasty outbreak of spots on his neck & face. What would be the best product for him...oh he is 15. Cheers Anna M

Felicity said...

Anna M, if his skin is mildly sensitive, I would go straight to the Vichy stand as they have some fab products for treating acne called Normaderm. However, Normaderm does contain salicylic acid which really sensitive skins can find quite burny! If that is his case, try La Roche Posay Effaclar range, which is more gentle. He will need a cleanser and a moisturiser as a minimum. I know moisturising oily skin seems counter-intuitive, but drying out acne prone skin only results in trapping all that pus and yuck under a hard layer of cornified skin and results in both really painful spots and greater scarring in the long term. (Sue has a review of Heal Gel on site - it's great for helping with scarring). Good luck - let us know how you get on!

blondie said...

Morning all :)

Felicity I feel your pain, I get in ingrowns too.
Haven't used them but I've seen on twitter Waxperts waxing salon have new ingrown hair pads, might be worth a go. Presume they might be available in any salon that uses the Waxperts wax, I *think* their is a stockist list on their website.

Does anyone else have issues with living in a hard water area? Lived in one all my life but where I moved to in October the water is way worse. I think it's affecting my hair - it's kinda lank & dry at the same time! And skin definitely dryer too (although possibly winter is not helping either)
Any tips appreciated :)

Have a good day ladies x

Felicity said...

Cheers for that Blondie, the local salon is Waxperts approved so I'll pop over and admit what I've done :P

Regarding hard water - the skin problem is easier to deal with. Use the Dove for auld bags body wash in the burgundy bottle for a while till your skin adjusts, it's great stuff. Wash your face using filtered water (I heat it in the kettle a bit, then dump into the sink, makes me feel like a Victorian maid). For the hair, I really rate Redken's Diamond Oil but see babba J it's spendy (30+ squids a bottle). It is however silicone free and really light, while still being really moisturinsing. I would also suggest a gentle clarifying shampoo once a week as you can get a build up in your hair from the calcium in the water reacting with chemicals in your shampoo and conditioner. You could also try taking an omega-3 supplement or a great big spoonful of coconut oil in the mornings to moisturise from within (coconut oil is really cheap from Asian grocery stores if you have one nearby). Give it a month or two and your skin and hair might adjust, but if the problem is ongoing, you can fit a water filtration system at the point of entry into your house - but were talking a LOT of moolah for that. Oh, and remember washing machines live longer with Calgon!

blondie said...

My god Felicity, loads of great advice, thanks a mil!
Will try that Dove stuff sounds nice & moisturey!! (not a word, I know)
I don't know why the hell I never thought of using filtered water for my face, I'm using it for cooking etc. Will def try that.
For the hair, I got a Lush shampoo bar that although not advertised as a clarifying one seems to have that effect. am trying alternating that with a moisturising one. If that doesn't work I'll buy an actual clarifying one.
I've ordered coconut oil for cooking so I'll try that & I've been meaning to start on the omega 3's so will start that too.
We are in 3 months now & I think maybe it's starting to adjust a bit alright so hopefully will keep improving.
We are only renting so the filtration system is a no go but if I owned the place I think I'd definitely be getting it!
Oh and yeah have literally just bought some calgon :)

Thanks for all the info & good luck with the ingrown! :)

Anonymous said...

Any recommendations for sensitive skin that is sore and blotchy,especially around nose and side of chin. Been using LRP cicaplast baume and Avene soothing creme, they're good at calming but I find not moisturising enough,especially in winter. Have become allergic to my beloved Emma Hardie moringa balm and Clarins oils,even their toner for sensitive skin. Help....Marian

Anonymous said...

Marian - La Roche Posay Nutritive Intense is the most nourishing moisturiser I've used on my sensitive skin. I've a full review up on the blog and I think Cherry Sue does too!

I'm in a grand mood today - got a letter from revenue saying I'm getting back tax that was overpaid. Much needed at this time of year too so I'm delighted. Might take himself for an Eddie Rockets (myself, I really mean myself).

Now, my question is box set recommendations. I like a good crimey one and Dexter left a hole in my Friday nights.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lorraine,will give it a go. Any good serums or oils for sensitive skin?? As for a good box set I'd really recommend Breaking bad. A good 8 parter started on tv3 last night, Broadchurch with David Tennant,saw it on bbc last year,fantastic...Marian

Anonymous said...

I'm not good with beauty or skin care ht just jumping on to find out about broadchurch so is it worth a watch?! Ali

Anonymous said...

Broadchurch is definitely worth the watching, had me gripped right from the beginning, so good and the fabulous Olivia Coleman is in it as well.... Marian