Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Origins Gloomaway - Does Exactly What it Says on the Tube

I make no secret of my love for luxe beauty brand Origins, their high performance skincare, their natural ingredients and their research proven by science. Above all else though, Origins are a brand that for me simply work. My cheeky January sale purchase of their Gloomaway set has only reinforced that opinion. 

Having found my taste for savoury shower ablutions with Origins Incredible Spreadable and Ginger Burst last year, when I saw both Gloomaway Shower/Bath and Body Souffle with the description 'Let lively grapefruit create a sense of optimism and contentment as your whole being is nurtured in silky-softness' for just €17 on - I knew it had to be mine. 

My first impression of Gloomaway is just how soft a citrus fragrance it really is. I get more juicy tangerines than grapefruit and that really isn't a bad thing. This duo are my go to stash for showers first thing in the morning and even when I'm just feeling a bit meh throughout the day. 

While not lathering up as much as I would have wished, the grapefruit body wash more than makes up for it with the wonderful fresh scent and the soft sheen it leaves on my skin before I even use the velvety soft and subtly scented body souffle. These are the true power couple of my bathroom right now - even if I've said nowt to the lads about them being hidden behind the cistern. 

Admittedly, we're talking pretty pennies to buy yourself some Origins (see here) but right now, if you're quick, the last of the Christmas sale stock is not only on shelves in Arnott's Dublin at incredible value but also in several of the larger Boots stores. 

I'm advising to not only stock up for yourself but to think about birthday gifts for loved ones throughout the year too. IMAGINE the gratitude for a gift this nice. You could be looking at free babysitting, dog walking AND enjoying freshly scented friends - it's selfish really. 

What wakes you up in the morning shower wise? (careful now)


Unknown said...

I can't believe I've never tried anything Origins, I'll def check out the last of the sale! I love the name gloomaway :-)

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