Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

Yep, it's that time of the week - I can feel the jimmies rustling between you from right where I sit. While life is being a pain in the actual flute, take two minutes out to laugh at my misfortune then release your own kraken in the comments - it's expected - 

Here we go: 

1. Spotting a Typo AFTER Your Tweet is RT'd

 photo kqWzZ9A_zpsab1a229c.gif

2. A Touch of Pink Chicken, Enough to Put you off your ENTIRE LUNCH

 photo ESno4UW_zps6c1bbd1d.gif

3. Irish Youtubers with SHAMerican Accents

 photo 0Sro30n_zps7d86b5bf.gif

4. People that Dress their Pets!!

 photo lgw6CAP_zpsc6cebad0.gif

5. Shoes/Boots with Side Cut Outs!!!

 photo k-bigpic_zpse2975d00.gif

See? I'm brand spanky new with reduced feelings of stabbiness already!

Are any of these jimmie rustlers of yours too? I know you have some to share....


Felicity said...

SHAMerican accents! ROTFL. I hate that. I only use an American accent when I'm pretending to be someone obnoxious and pretentious. I use a New Zealand accent for obnoxious and class deficient. Rustles the DDs jimmies something chronic (and until she pointed it out, I never knew I did it)

Anonymous said...

People using the last slice of bread and not taking some out of the freezer - and by people I mean the young people of Ireland! Has just happened to me and with a combination of microwave and toaster I am finally ready to have my brekkie - grrrr

Eleanorjane said...

Felicity - you use a New Zealand accent for WHAT?! I'm a New Zealander and I'd be relieved by some context to that statement cos at the moment it's rustling my jimmies!

Also, another thing that was a rustlin' was being asked repeatedly to sign off work that was obviously substandard and hadn't had the changes I requested. Nope. No sign off 'till it's better!

Felicity said...

Eleanor, context. Please note I am not trying to be rude or to offend, but my experience of NZ was pretty damned awful and I know I was not alone in having it.

As an Irish teenager dropped into high school in NZ I was bullied (physically and verbally, by teachers as well as students), mocked, treated with absolute contempt, assumed to be dangerous stupid and a drunk. The kiwi attitude of 'we're better than everywhere else' really gets grating and after 17 years of it, the best moment of my life was flying out knowing I would never have to return. When I told people in NZ I was coming home the reaction was always 'God, why would you want to go THERE'. The Irish reaction to me coming home was 'Why the hell did you come back?'. I think that one example sums up the difference in the attitudes of the two cultures. Kiwis don't seem to realise how their attitude towards foreigners comes across to us - believe me, it's not as positive as u fullas think! Of all the expats I knew in NZ, only two did not regret moving there - and only those two are not now elsewhere.

Caz @ decor on the dole said...

Totally with you on those shoes, they weren't cool in the 90's and they still aren't!

I'm guilty of putting clothes on the pets! They wreck my head when they decide to have a scrap at 3am, I just have to make them pay! Things that rustled my jimmies this week were cars blocking the road when an ambulance was trying to get past, just pull in to the side of the road ya shower of ignorant bastards! So rude!
Also when himself decides to take sauce from the press above his plate, use the sauce, then put the bottle on the counter..!!!!! The f'in press is right beside you, put the feckin sauce back in it!!!!! Arrrgghhhhh!!

Ok, I'm calm now.

S said...

Every video I watch on Youtube - and I mean EVERY one, be it The Voice, or Mr. Bean, or Pandas, or Laughing Cats or Crying Twins or whatever the hell else I look up - EVERY VIDEO, that bloody grinning Bunny woman is making a face at me from the sidebar. Graveyard Girl or whatever her handle is. She drives me UP THE WALLS to the point where I stick post-its over her thumbnails. WHY IS SHE THERE ON EVERY VIDEOOOOOOOOOO