Friday, January 17, 2014

The Friday Chattery

We've made it peeps, my favourite day of the week aside from Pay Day!

Have we all heard about American budget beauty brand GIANT Wet n' Wild arriving to Irish shores? I'm off to Dunnes today to check it out. 

Apparently NYX is to follow suit very soon and Tarte will launch on QVC in March - we'll all be stunning, desolate but stunning!

Tell me then, have we any plans for the weekend? 


blondie said...

Hello all, happy friday (thanks be to holy god above)

Only fixed plan this weekend is my car's nct forst thing tomorrow, RAGING I didn't book it for a later time as I seriously need a lie on. Oh well at least it'll be over with (unless of course it fails...)

Have a fab weekend all!

Sue Jordan said...

Noooo, Blondie!!

I did that once and cursed myself all Friday night and all the way out there but once done I couldn't believe there was so much day left! :)

My plan involves sleeping and eating, not necessarily in that order but it'll be a repeat to fade kinda deal!