Friday, January 31, 2014

Dallas Buyers Club - Teenage Movie Review

Who's in it? 


What's it about?

Homophobic Texan manly mayyyyn Ron Woodroof finds out he has HIV after an accident with electrical wiring while working. When the hospital refuses to sell him non-FDA approved AIDS medicine that is in trial stage, he becomes a AIDS-Meds mule and recruits transgender Jared Leto to reach into the badly affected gay community to sell this medication.

Any Good?

The thing with this movie is, there's no clear villain (other than BIG SCARY EVIL PHARMA and the Government of course), and it really throws any preconceptions of right or wrong out the window. Woodroof may be a drug mule and is selling memberships to his med club to desperate people seems to be the bad, but he's helping the otherwise helpless massive AIDs stricken community in 80's Texas. Doctor Sevard is giving patients a toxic drug that is killing them quicker than AIDs, but he only seems to want to gather reputable data to find a cure. This film is as morally grey as they come. 

Googled 'morally grey', this was the result..

The acting in this movie was some of the most stellar I've seen. Matthew McConaughey has suddenly gone from a joke to one of the best actors in Hollywood in a year and he really shows his chops in this. He could be favourite to win against Leo for the fully believable performance, this is the Oscars after all. Jared Leto was PHENOMINAL as the transgender partner-in-crime, Rayon to Woodroof. Seriously, this is the best portrayal I've seen since Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad. It was Lead Actor winning stuff, beating all contestants this year by a mile and is sure to win Best Supporting Actor, without a doubt. Jennifer Garner hasn't changed in my eyes since Daredevil, she kept her streak of meh acting all the way through the film, really being the weak link of the cast.

Dallas Buyers Club has me terrified of mopping up at the Oscars and leaving nothing to Leo and Co. but they deserve it. McConaughey could very well win Best Lead and if Leto doesn't win Best Supporting I'll flip every table in a mile radius. I predict this film to dominate on Oscar night and I don't know if I'm against that. It's worth repeated cinema trips to see this just for Leto's Rayon alone, I nearly cried, ehm, fell in love, with Rayon, and I can assure you, you will too.


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